Friday 18 January 2019

1375. 🇨🇰🇹🇴 Philatelic Collector Inc. Launches Bird Stamp Attack On Collectors' Pockets.

🇨🇰🇹🇴 Philatelic Collector Inc. appears to have released a very large number of philatelic items with the names of its client postal administrations and their associated philatelic agencies printed on them all on the subject of Birds of Prey but not necessarily species which are to be found in those particular territories. The philatelic entities involved in this philatelic onslaught are Cook Islands, Aitutaki Cook Islands, Penrhyn Cook Islands, Rarotonga Cook Islands, Tonga and Niuafo'ou (Tonga).
  Currently these stamps are being offered for auction on an internet auction site and the seller describes their availability as 'exclusive' whatever that may mean.
  Each philatelic entity, all 6 of them, has had produced on their behalf, 12 stamps from ordinary sheets, 2 miniature sheets each containing 6 different stamps and 1 sheetlet containing the 12 stamps sold in ordinary sheets. Effectively the collector is being asked to buy 3 sets in their various forms from the 6 different philatelic entities - the grand total being 72 stamps, 6 sheetlets of 12 and 12 miniature sheets.
  With many of the birds depicted being foreign to these various islands I do not have to waste my money on any of this stuff as my new issue purchasing rules include the intention of not buying stamps which feature subjects which are not relevant to the territory named on the stamps.
  Below I depict the 6 sheetlets, 12 miniature sheets and a single stamp from each set. Unfortunately I do not have the time, energy or inclination to provide illustrations of all 72 stamps. 
  I do not yet know the date of issue. Rating:- 0.

  Cook Islands - 

  Aitutaki Cook Islands - 

  Penrhyn Cook Islands - 

  Rarotonga Cook Islands - 

  Tonga - 

  Niuafo'ou - 

  🇯🇪 In Blog 1349 I illustrated the stamps to be issued by Jersey Post on 5 March 2019 on the subject of 'National birds and symbolism' which are that postal service's contribution to this year's Europa omnibus issue. There is an accompanying miniature sheet which contains 2 stamps, one depicting a mute swan and the other a kingfisher. There's no disputing that this is a very attractive issue but Jersey Post spoils it by issuing so very many stamps and other stuff that these items just get lost in the deluge. Pity. Rating, therefore:- **.

  🇳🇦 Nam Post, the postal service of Namibia intends to issue three new sets of stamps during 2019:-

  25 April - Whales - 5 stamps
  12 June - Cuckoos - 4 stamps and 1 miniature sheet 
  1 August - Large cats - 3 stamps.

  🇲🇼 eyeonwall in a comment at the end of Blog 1373 has kindly pointed out that Malawi Post will issue a set of stamps on 5 February 2019 on the subject of Insects of Malawi. The issue will include a sheetlet with a face value of K4500 and some single stamp miniature sheets each with a face value of K2700. Many thanks to eyeonwall for supplying the information.

  🇳🇿 New Zealand Post will issue 6 attractive stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 13 February 2019 on the subject of Alpine flowers of New Zealand. The issue was designed by Stephen Fuller and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and perforated 14. These are neat little stamps. Rating:- ****.


  1. I wonder if the Cook Islands and Tonga stamps are legitimate? The eBay seller is in Russia and has multiple sets available. While the format is reminiscent of PCI's products, I'd rather have confirmation from PCI before saying they were official.

    1. Thank you Chris. I can not believe that these items do not emanate from Philatelic Collector. The items are entirely consistent with the products that they release and there is nothing about them to suggest that they are produced by another source. Philatelic Collector often announces products it has released several months after the dates which it claims to be the dates of issue. I can not believe that these products are not 'official' and whether or not they are, in my opinion, a wise collector would give them a wide berth when you consider that the total face value of the issues amounts to about £300.

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  3. Bear hunter has commented on his feelings of offence of what he sees as PCI exploitation of poor Pacific Islanders especially as he is a Polynesian New Zealander. Unfortunately his comment contains anti-Semitic/racist language which can not be allowed in comments to this Blog and I have therefore removed the comment. Please, comment but please use moderate language in your comment.