Friday 11 January 2019

1368. 🇨🇦 Canada Post's First Issues Of 2019.

  🇨🇦 Canada Post's first issues of 2019 will be released on 14 January. The first issue will be a new P value depicting a charming photographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. The stamp will be available in booklets of 10 and was designed by Steven Slipp using a photograph by Chris Jackson/Getty Images and lithographed by Lowe Martin. Rating:- *****.

  Also to be issued on 14 January 2019 are a number of items which add to the ongoing From Far And Wide series. All of the new stamps are combined in a gummed miniature sheet which contains 5 x 'P' stamps plus a $1.05c value, a $1.27c, a $1.90c value and a $2.65c. The $1.27, $1.90 and $2.65 values are to be sold self-adhesive each in booklets of 6 while self-adhesive versions of the 'P' stamps are to be sold in booklets of 10 (2 x 5). All values will also be sold in self-adhesive coil format with the 5 'P' stamps in one strip and the other values being sold in their own individual strips. The issue was designed by Stephanie Huot and lithographed by Lowe Martin. Rating:- ****.

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