Wednesday 4 January 2017

894. India Post's New Year Madness.

  🇮🇳 It's hard to believe I know, but India Post kicked off its 2017 stamp programme with a "Splendours Of India" set on 1 January which was made up of 12 stamps and 13 miniature sheets - the very attractive stamps depict some beautiful and diverse Indian art and one of the miniature sheets combines all 12 stamps. The remaining 12 miniature sheets each contain a single stamp and are in the form of a page from a calendar with each sheet representing a different month of the year. 
  Honestly, where do they get their ideas from? Each stamp and sheet has a face value of Rs25 with the combination sheet having a total face value of Rs300 giving a total face value of the complete issue amounting to Rs900 which is equivalent to £10.76p which is not really all that expensive considering what the collector is getting for his money but really 13 miniature sheets is a madness and makes it seem as though Stamperija has taken over India's new issue programme.
  It's a lovely set of stamps but unbelievably excessive and the issue's rating is therefore:- 0.
  Post scriptum:- the 12 calendar miniature sheets are sold together in a calendar for Rs1000 which means that the total cost of the issue is rather more than the total face value - Rs1600 which is equivalent to £19.10p which is rather more expensive than I first thought! Not for the first time, I ask, where will it all end?

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  1. On this facebook page I found the Indian stamp program of 2017:
    India Post will issue a flood of new issues... :(