Sunday, 31 March 2013

222. New Indian Stamps.

The Indian Post Office philatelic website includes an excellent "catalogue" of all stamps issued since independence and is complete until the end of 2012 which is very useful in finding dates of issue of more recent stamps. I see that the National Mathematics Day issue that I mentioned in my last blog is listed in the "catalogue" and that the date of issue was 22 December 2012. There was only one further issue in 2012 after that - the attractive pair of stamps and miniature sheet depicted below which featured  lighthouses of India (released 23 December 2012):-

The website also details the issues planned for 2013 and the first stamps of the year are listed here:-
1. 3 January: Indian Science Congress Association (1st stamp from left below); 2. 7 January: Post Graduate Medical Education and Research Institute, Chandigarh (2nd stamp from left below) and 3. 8 January: Centenary of the Ghadar Party (right hand illustration below):-

4. (not listed and exact date of issue not yet known): Adilya Vikram Birla (left hand stamp below); 5. 8 January: 125th anniversary of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature (2nd from left below); 6. 11 January: the Silk Letter Movement (2nd from right below) and 7. 13 January: C. Achyutha Menon (right hand stamp below):-

8. 12 January: 150th birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda (set of 4 stamps depicted below):-

Issues awaited are:- 9. 22 January: the Shrine of the Basilica Vailankanni; 10. 2 March: 3 Para Regiment of the Indian Army; 11. 7 March: OTA,  Chennai ("Defence issue"); 12. 8 March: Sahir Ludhianvi; 13. 16 March: Malayala Manorama; 14. 17 March: Jhulelal; 15. 22 March: Shivram Hari Rajguru; 16. 5 April: Post Office buildings including the centenary of Mumbai GPO Building; 17. 9 April: Peerjada Ghulam Ahmed Mehjoor; 18. 14 April: Chaitya Bhoomi; 19. 30 April: Hari Singh Nalwa; 20. ?April: Headgears of India; 21. ?April Stepwells of India; 22. 3 May: Centenary of Indian cinema; 23. 18 May: Dr. Nilratan Sircar; 24. 30 May: Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, Shimla; 25. ?May: the Wild ass of Kutch and Ledakh; 26. ?June: Flora and fauna of India; 27. ?June: Traditional hand fans of India; 28. 13 July: The Delhi Gymkhana Club; 29. 21 July: Indian musicians (8 stamps) and 30. ?July: Indian Archaeological Heritage.

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