Wednesday, 13 March 2013

214. Killer Penguins.

A fun set of 4 stamps is to be issued by The Falkland Islands on 28 March 2013 entitled "Penguins, Predators And Prey". The stamps depict wonderful artwork by Tony Chater which shows local rockhopper penguins as well as one of its predators, the Johnny Rook, as it is known locally in the islands, and an unfortunate crustacean - the lobster krill - prey of the penguins to whom the Rockhoppers must be "Killer Penguins". 
 Other Commonwealth new issues include a set of 5 stamps and 1 miniature sheet to be issued by Tristan Da Cunha on 15 April 2013 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and a set of 4 stamps from Fiji, issue date not yet known, which include a charity surcharge  and commemorate the Fiji Paralympic Committee:-

Singapore issued a miniature sheet in a folder on 8 February 2013 which was on the subject of 6 signs of the Chinese zodiac with the individual stamps included in the sheet all in the style of lunar new year stamps which had been issued previously by Singapore:-

A set of 4 stamps was released on 28 February 2013 which depicted historic railway stations of Singapore:-

Future issues of Singapore in the first half of 2013 will be:- Pond life Part 3 (2 gummed stamps and a  booklet of self-adhesive stamps) issued on 20 March 2013, 50th anniversary of the first television broadcast in Singapore (28 May 2013) and "Our City In The Garden" (17 June 2013).

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