Tuesday 20 August 2019

1490. 🇮🇳 India Post Commemorates The Role Of Indians In World War I.

  🇮🇳 India Post issued 15 stamps and 4 miniature sheets on 20 August 2019 to commemorate the role played by people from India during the First World War. The issue is broken up into 4 parts - major battlefields of the War (illustrations awaited) (5 stamps and 1 miniature sheet), ‘Indian Air warriors’ 4 stamps and 1 miniature sheet), Memorials to Indians who fought in the First World War (6 stamps and 1 miniature sheet) and the Centenary of the Treaty of Versailles attended by the Indian representative Maharajah Ganga Singh.
  This is an excellent and interesting issue reminding us of the large and important role played by Indians which led to the eventual victory of the Allies over the Central Powers. Rating:- *****

  Previously on 15 June 2019 a pair of stamps was issued on the subject of ‘Gandhian Heritage in Modern India’. The designs depict statues of Gandhi. Rating:- ****.

🇲🇾 Pos Malaysia will issue a set of 3 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 22 August 2019 on the subject of Caves of Malaysia. An attractive and interesting issue which was designed by Reign Associates. Rating:- ****.

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