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729. Singapore "My Stamps" Feature Batman And Superman.

  "My Stamps" (stamps with attached personalisable labels) seem to be all the rage at the moment. Some of the items produced as "My Stamps" are very ambitious and Singapore Post has releasd quite a number of such issues in recent years. Its latest product is one of its most ambitious releases though how it is connected with Singapore is a mystery to me. 
  A pack of "My Stamp" items will be issued on 24 March 2016 on the subject of the new movie based on the DC Comics characters, "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice". The pack appears to contain 4 sheetlets which contain a total of 8 x $1 stamps and 26 x $1.10 values. There are 3 sheetlets, one featuring Batman, one depicting Superman and one showing Wonder Woman (each containing 6 x $1.10 stamps in 3 different designs) and a fourth larger sheet containing 8 x $1 and 8 x $1.10 in 2 different designs. The item is being sold for $55.90 until 23 March and then the price will increase to $69.90. No doubt the pack will prove popular among enthusiasts of these comic-book characters but why they should considered as a relevant subject for a Singapore stamp issue is not explained by Singapore Post. Rating:- **.

   Yet more "My Stamps".....India Post has released further "My Stamp" issues which take the form of sheetlets made up of 12 stamps each with attached labels, the Indian equivalent of Royal Mail's "Smilers" stamps. The sheetlets are usually sold for Rs300 although they only contain stamps with a total face value of Rs12. At least the subjects are relevant to India.
  The latest issues are:- 
29 February 2016 - Gateway of India (1 stamp), Mahabodhi Temple (1 stamp) and Sun Temple, Konark (1 stamp):-

13 March 2016 - Allahabad High Court (1 stamp) (illustration awaited).
21 March 2016 - Hindustan Aeronautics (1 stamp).

  The designs of the final 2 issues of the Pobjoy Stamps/Creative Direction 7 set minibus which commemorates the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II which is titled "90 Years of Style" have been revealed. The sets of 4 stamps and accompanying miniature sheets which will be issued on 21 April 2016 will be released by the postal services of British Antarctic Territory and South Georgia And The South Sandwich Islands. The stamps were designed by Bee Design and lithographed by BDT International Security Printers. (see Blogs 726 and 727). 
  This excellent collection of 28 stamps and 7 miniature sheets will be one of the mot memorable issues of 2016 given its highly original slant on the royal anniversary. Rating:- ******.

  Meanwhile, Royal Mail will commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday with an excellent set of 6 stamps which depict well chosen photographs taken at various stages of the Queen's life. The first value, one of 3 x 1st class stamps, depicts the Queen as a child with her father King George VI; the second 1st class stamp depicts a lovely portrait of an older queen and the final 1st depicts the young queen with Prince Charles and Princess Anne as young children. 

  The 3 x £1.52p values depict a portrait of a young queen, a black and white portrait of the young Queen Elizabeth with her husband, Prince Phillip and the third depicts The Queen travelling in a state coach with the former president of South Africa, the late Nelson Mandela. This is not as original an approach to the subject as that of the Pobjoy minibus but it's a very likeable set. The set will be issued on 21 April 2016. The set was designed by Kate Stephens and lithographed International Security Printers. Rating:- *****.

  Last year, before the above designs became publically available, the Daily Mail reported that Royal Mail was to issue stamps to commemorate the Queen's birthday by issuing "commemorative stamps of Her Majesty and three future Kings. The Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince George were all brought together recently for a group photograph. The line-up will be split into four separate stamps, each featuring one of the Royals".
  The newspaper speculated about the proposed stamps' appearance with a suggested design and the comment, "Glorious tribute. How the stamps could look when the commemorative set of four generations of Royals is issued to mark the Queen's birthday next year". The illustration depicted the four designs as a se-tenant strip. Actually, I rather like them. 
  The Daily Mail's reporting of the Queen, her son, grandson and great grandson being brought together for a group photograph reminds me of the miniature sheet issued by Royal Mail in 2000 to commemorate the Queen Mother's 100th birthday which likewise depicted 4 generations of the Royal family (depicted below). As a miniature sheet and prestige booklet are to be released as part of this issue I expect that the Daily Mail's report of a portrait of the 4 royal generations may well be realised in a Queen Mother centenary-style miniature sheet the design of which is awaited.
  If nothing else, it's good to see that stamps continue to receive publicity in the popular press.

  As detailed in Blog 710 Australia Post will issue 2 gummed stamps and 1 miniature sheet plus 1 self-adhesive $2.75 stamp (issued in a booklet of 5) on 5 April 2016. The designs are by Sharon Rodziewicz and lithographed by RA Print. Rating:- ***.

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