Wednesday, 30 March 2016

735. More Papua New Guinea Personalised Stamps

  I have obtained recently a set of 14 stamps with labels attached from Papua New Guinea Post which are the most recent Personalised stamps in a new value of K1.35. The designs feature 3 turtles, a python and crocodiles, a dugong, 2 fish including a reef shark and 7 designs depicting various type of birds. An interesting set. Rating:- ****.

  The programme for the release of new issues for the rest of 2016 for Sri Lanka Post is:-

March - Dharmasiri Senanayake - 1 stamp,
30 March - Yowun Puraya Programme - 1 stamp,

April - "Unseen Sri Lanka" - 12 stamps, 
3 May - Press Freedom Day - 1 stamp,
6 May - Vesak - 3 stamps,
22 May - State Vesak Festival - 1 stamp,
22 May - Definitive, Flowers of Sri Lanka - 12 stamps,
May - 50th anniversary of Sri Lanka Tourism - 1 stamp, 
May - Vishwalingam Weerasinham - 1 stamp,
May - Centenary of Cub Scouts- 1 stamp,
June - Lighthouses of Sri Lanka - 4 stamps 
June - Montegu Jayawickrama - 1 stamp,
July - Sri Lankan traditional costumes - 18 stamps,
July - Olympic Games - 4 stamps,
August - Mushrooms of Sri Lanka - 4 stamps,
August - Sri Lankan traditional costumes - 4 stamps,
September - Ancient fortresses of Sri Lanka - 4 stamps,
September - Spices of Sri Lanka - 4 stamps,
1 October - World Children's Day - 1 stamp,
9 October - World Post Day - 4 stamps,
November - Obsolescent industries of Sri Lanka - 4 stamps,
November - Christmas - 2 stamps.

  Doubtless, there will be a number of miniature sheets also released with some of the above issues.

  The US-based stamp agency, IGPC, has announced that it issued philatelic items to commemorate the former popular musician, the late Jimi Hendrix on 8 March 2016. The names of at least 2 Commonwealth philatelic entities are inscribed on some of the items - Grenada Carriacou and Petite St. Vincent for which there is a sheetlet of 6 different "stamps"and 1 x $10 miniature sheet and St. Vincent And The Grenadines which is inscribed on a sheetlet of 4 different "stamps" and 1 x $10 miniature sheet. These are particularly gaudy items with a hint of psychedelia about them and, as far I can see there is no connection between Hendrix and these Caribbean islands. Rating:- 0.

  Another week draws to a close which means it's time for the latest Stamperija products. This week it's the name of Sierra Leone which is doomed to appear on 10 "sheetlets", each consisting of 4 different "stamps", and 10 "miniature sheets", the broad theme being Wildlife. So, we have the following subjects:- Doves, Cuckoos, Crocodiles, Lizards, Manatees, the Red river hog, Fish, Whales, Hawks and Hyenas. This is the second part of the Wildlife issue detailed in Blog 730 which gives a total of 80 "stamps" and 20 miniature sheets. The date of issue is stated to have been 28 January 2016.                The total face value of the second part of the issue is the same as the first part - that is - Le 480000 or about £84 meaning that the total face value of this whole issue is Le 960000 or about £168! These are sold in a limited edition of 1000 so that if all of them are sold, £168000 will be made by Stamperija excluding costs of production and moneys paid by the philatelic agency for permission to use the various country's names on their products. This sum is increased by the sale of imperforate versions, sold at much higher prices, and first day covers. 
  Rating:- 0.

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