Wednesday 28 June 2017

1030. 🇬🇧 Post And Go Issuing Frenzy Accompanies Postal Museum Opening.

  🇸🇱 You have to acknowledge that Stamperija - or rather those behind it - is/are rather clever. No matter how much you despise it, some of its products at least are very tempting to those too weak to resist and at times I find myself feeling sorely tempted.
  Take, for instance, its latest products which have the name of Sierra Leone inscribed on them and are on the subject of the lesser flamingo and which, in all honesty, are rather attractively designed stamps. Said to have been "issued" on 30 May 2017, the entire collection is made up of a miniature sheet of 8 stamps (2 x 4), a sheetlet of 16 stamps (4 x 4), a miniature sheet of 4 stamps and the whole lot also issued in imperforate format. The big question is, regardless of how attractive they are, how many of them have found their way to being put on sale at ordinary post office counters in Sierra Leone? They are attractive but look at their pedigree, therefore rating is 0.

  🇬🇧 There are a large number of new Royal Mail Post and Go issues be released in the near future by The Postal Museum which will move from its current location in Freeling House to Phoenix Place on 13 July 2017. Kiosk A001 will not be in use from 13 to 24 July and then on the 25 July exclusive access to the kiosk will be made to collectors so that they can buy labels with an official opening inscription.
  All Post and Go label designs will have a new "The Postal Museum" inscription applied to them from 25 July and the formerly used "envelope" marque will not be included in the new inscription. 
  The new inscription will be applied to :- 
   A. The Machin Head 50th anniversary labels which exist of course in 6 colours (1st Class value only),
   B. The Underground railway labels in 6 different values, 
   C. The Mail coach labels in 6 different values,
   D. Machin Head (old design) (2 x 2nd class only - standard and large),
   E. Union Jack in 6 different values.

  Two types of "Opening" inscriptions will be applied to the labels:-

  a. "Official Opening 2017" - Machin Head 50th Anniversary
                                             Machin Head (old design) 2nd class.

  b. "Official Opening" - Underground railway,
                                     Mail coach,
                                     Union Jack.

  The Postal Museum will be closed on 26 and 27 July and then opened fully on 28 July onwards.

  It is worth noting that the Machin Head 50th Anniversary labels with Postal Museum inscriptions (with "envelope" marque) were only introduced on 5 June 2017 and that they will therefore have a short lifespan of less than 2 months.

  Therefore from 5 June to 25 July 2017 The Postal Museum will have had Kiosk A001 dispensing 32 labels and when the new inscription stamps are released without the "Opening" inscription this number will increase to 57 which seems rather a lot to me.

5 June 2017 label (one of 6)


  1. Anybody know will the inscription on post & go at museum re official opening disappear on 28 July ??

    1. Hello Brian,
      The Postal Museum officially opens on 28 July so one would expect that the "Official Opening" inscription would be in use on that day. The availability of the Post and Go stamps on 25 July is to allow stamp collectors, and dealers I suppose, to obtain their needs without other non-collectors/dealers getting in their way. At least, that is how I interpret the announcement. But I could be wrong.
      The 2 questions which arise for me are:- 1) will the "Official Opening" extra inscription only be used on 25 and 28 July or will it continue in use for a longer period and 2) How will The Postal Museum officials tell the difference between "stamp collectors" and the ordinary public on 25 July - I suppose anyone who wants to buy Post and Go stamps on that day will be allowed in.

      Best wishes.

    2. Hello again Brian, Sorry I clearly didn't read your message properly as it asks the same question as my own first question. As you will have gleaned, the answer is "I don't know at present". Sorry.

      Best wishes.