Tuesday 31 July 2012

India, Sri Lanka & Canada At The Olympic Games.

Some of the major Commonwealth countries have released their stamps to commemorate the London Olympic Games. India issued a set of 4 se-tenant stamps and a miniature sheet on 25 July 2012 which depict some of the sports which are featured less commonly on Olympic Games stamps:- volleyball, rowing, windsurfing and badminton.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka's set of 4 stamps and a miniature sheet was issued on 23 July 2012 and each stamp shows a sport alongside a depiction of Big Ben with a picture of Tower Bridge in the margin of the miniature sheet.

Canada issued a single self-adhesive stamp which depicted rowing presented in a booklet of 10 and issued on 27 June 2012.

Two days later the Canadian Post office issued 8 self-adhesive stamps and a gummed miniature sheet which combined all 8 stamps to commemorate the centenary of the Grey Cup. The Grey Cup is the championship game of the Canadian Football League and the trophy awarded at the game was commissioned by the 4th Earl Grey, the then Governor General. The trophy was first won by The University of Toronto Varsity Blues and the defending champions are the BC Lions who won the trophy for the 6th time in 2011. Their logo is depicted on the first stamp of the sheetlet.                           

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