Thursday 22 October 2020

1759. 🇸🇭 🇹🇴 Migrant Species Of Tristan, Tourism In Tonga.

🇸🇭 The postal service of Tristan Da Cunha will issue a second set of 4 stamps on the theme of Vagrant species on 9 November 2020. This excellent set was designed by Andrew Robinson and lithographed by Cartor and perforated 13.5 x 13. The production of the issue was coordinated by Creative Direction. Rating:- *****.

Thanks to Juliet Warner of Pobjoy Stamps for information about this issue.

🇹🇴 The US-based Philatelic Collector Inc. churns out numerous excruciatingly expensive philatelic products in the name of the postal services of Tonga and Cook Islands and few of them are worth collecting even if the collector can afford to buy the stuff.

 Sometimes however the agency has to supply the postal services with stamps that can actually be used on real mail to keep the local postal services going. One such issue appears to have been released by Tonga Post in the form of a series of 24 stamps titled Tourism. The stamps are small, self-adhesive, practicable and in values that actually represent real postage rates as well as being on a subject of relevance to the country whose name is printed on them. The stated date of issue is 7 October 2020. It’s questionable whether or not as many as 24 stamps were necessary but I think these stamps are of more interest and relevance than most of the products that appear with the name of Tonga printed on them. Rate:- ***.


🇬🇧 In addition to the great flood of philatelic products mentioned in Blogs 1757-58, Royal Mail intends to issue yet another of its tedious Collectors sheets (cost £8.80p) on 3 November 2020 on the subject of the James Bond movie series and centred on the yet-to-be-released latest movie No Time To Die. The item is made up of 10 identical stamps featuring the present actor playing the role, Daniel Craig, and 10 attached labels. Collectors of Royal Mail stamps - have they bankrupted you yet? Rating:- 0.

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