Thursday 1 October 2020

1746. 🇬🇧 Royal Mail’s End Of Year Money Grab.

 ðŸ‡¬ðŸ‡§ In Blog 1742 I described and illustrated the Post and Go strips which were being dispensed from kiosk A009 situated in the Shakespeare Birthplace gift shop in Stratford upon Avon. For a very short time one of the values was inscribed ‘Zone 1 - 3’. This was rapidly changed to ‘Zone 1 & 3’ and I have now obtained examples of this latter version from the giftshop on the Machin Head stamp (this time code MA13 - my example of the Zone 1- 3 stamp is MA14) as well as each of the 6 symbolic flowers stamps as depicted below:-

  Meanwhile the latest Royal Mail Philatelic Bulletin brings the joyous news of many more stamps and associated philatelic items to be bought (for those who simply must have one of everything) before the end of 2020.

 3 November - Christmas - 8 Stamps (2nd Class rate, 2nd Class Large, 1st Class, 1st Class Large, £1.45, £1.70, £2.50 and £2.55, 1 miniature sheet, 12 x 2nd booklet, 12 x 1st booklet and Collectors sheet.

  3 November - James Bond - No Time To Die Collectors sheet.

  13 November - Star Trek - 12 Stamps (12 x 1st in 2 horizontal strips of 6, 1 miniature sheet (6 x 1st), Prestige stamp booklet (Pane 1 - 6 x 1st, Pane 2 - 6 x 1st, Pane 3 - miniature sheet, Pane 4 - Machin Head definitives,  2 x 20p, 3 x 50p and 3 x 2nd), limited edition Prestige booklet, counter booklet (4 x 1st definitives and 2 x 1st special stamps) and ‘Captains’ collectors sheet. There are many other equally desirable products which doubtlessly will be impossible for anyone to resist.

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