Monday 16 December 2019

1560. 🇦🇺 New Australia Post MyStamps.

🇦🇺 At the end of Blog 1559 Chris de Haer was kind enough to leave a comment drawing my attention to a new issue from Australia Post released on 16 December 2019. I was certainly not aware of this issue and I thank him for his comment. He kindly offered to let me have information about the issue if I contacted him directly but he has also published the information on Stamp Boards and so I hope he will not mind me using the information posted there rather than bothering him with an e mail.
  The new issue is a rebooted Personalised Stamp series now called MyStamp. The new issue is modestly innovative for Australia Post stamps in that it takes the form of 9 different irregularly shaped skeleton stamps to which can be added a photograph of the purchaser’s choice. The stamps are printed digitally by Sprintpak and have die-cut perforations. They are available in 9 different values which theoretically gives 81 different stamps but since the number of designs used on the stamps is, one assumes, limitless because of the personalisation of the designs, then I would have thought that it was quite reasonable for a collector who wishes to add these items to their Australia collection to satisfy themself by obtaining just one of each shape in the lowest available value.
  Australia Post is selling these items only in sheets of 20 and I have no intention of buying 180 of them just to obtain one of each shape so I will look out for an enterprising dealer prepared to buy a sheet of 20 and then selling a set of nine of the Domestic rate stamps at a reasonable price.
  I like Personalised stamps. I think that they fulfill a function which the general mail-sending public appreciates. In the past, despite the increased cost of each individual stamp, I have enjoyed using personalised stamps on my own mail and friends have enjoyed receiving them. These new Australia Post MyStamps are quite attractive and therefore I think that they are indeed worthy of being represented in a collection of modern Australian stamps. Rating:- ***.

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