Sunday 23 December 2018

1355. 🇧🇧 Barbados Commemorates Royal Commonwealth Society Centenary.

  🇧🇧 The Barbados postal service issued a set of 4 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 20 December to commemorate the Centenary of the Royal Commonwealth Society. This is a worthwhile issue which stresses the local relevance of the subject. Rating:- ***.

  🇮🇳 India Post issued a single stamp on 19 December 2018 to commemorate Gulabrao Maharaj (1881-1915) who was a Hindu saint who, despite being blind, wrote 139 books on various subjects.

  🇵🇬 Papua New Guinea Post continues to release what are called Personalised stamps. They are colourful and interesting and of local interest and have locally relevant face values. Bombay Stamps is offering 39 of them for sale at present at a very reasonable price and many popular themes are covered by these stamps. Rating:- *****.
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  Addendum. 4.1.19. I have finally got around to comparing the Personalised stamps depicted below with the previous similar stamps and those depicted are new versions of the older ones. Some of the new ones have redrawn values which are obvious when they are compared with the old stamps and even when that is not the case the new ones may have noticeable shade differences in comparison with the old stamps. Conclusion:- these are new stamps to be added to a Papua New Guinea collection.


  1. Can you explain the PNG Personalised stamps a bit more? I am guessing these 39 are "generic" designs that the PNG post office picked and thus are not actually personalised. Each one shows a denominated stamp and a label. If someone were to want to personalize one would it just be the label, or the stamp, or both that would get the customer supplied design? Would all 39 get a catalog listing, or just one with a footnote saying 39 different exist?

  2. Merry Christmas, eyeonwall. I have not come across real official explanations of these items. I agree that though these stamps are called 'Personalised' the issues sold to collectors seem to be 'generic'. I think that you must be right in assuming that if the items are to be personalised then it is the attached label which is used. Personalised stamps generally do not seem to obtain full listing - a recent example was when the Gibbons Catalogue editor was shown stamps from 2010 of Malta which were not known and they were recognised as being Personalised stamps and it was decided to mention them only in a footnote.
    The Papua Personalised stamps seem to be similar to the India My Post stamps where the attached label can be personalised but a new stamp is actually issued regardless of what is featured on the label; of course the Indian stamps are sold at a premium which in itself is a reason for them not being included in the Gibbons Catalogue.
    I personally think that the Personalised/My Stamp are rather interesting and are a logical development for some modern postal services. It's nice to have examples in a collection of the modern issues of a given country as an illustration of how stamp issues have evolved in recent years. I am rarely guided by stamp catalogues nowadays as to what I collect as they themselves, especially the Gibbons Catalogue, are illogically inconsistent as to what actually gets full listing in the Catalogue and decisions to include new issues in a collection sometimes take a very long time for th Editor to arrive at (for instance in its Catalogue supplements the Gibbons editor has not added a single IGPC stamp issue leaving the collector guessing as to whether they will or will not eventually list some or all of those issues and should they or should they not go ahead and buy such issues which might be sold out by the time the Gibbons editor has made a final decision as to whether they should be given a full listing.

  3. Re the PNG stamps - I wonder if these are a bit older, not a new issue. 2018 commemoratives have not had a K 1.30 rate included in the sets (though they have had a K 1.60 rate) while K 1.30 was a common value in sets from 2014-2015. Given that PNG new issue policy can be opaque at best, and even moreso with these Personalized issues, I *think* these may be from the 2014-2015 era when first issues.

    On the broader subject of these National Personalized stamps like these from PNG and India's MyStamps (and similar items from Singapore and Malaysia, among others), catalogs do seem to have a devil of a time deciding how to handle these stamps. Michel, for example, does list India's MyStamp issues, whereas Gibbons currently does not. The bold new world of 21st Century Philately definitely offers some interesting challenges!

    1. My new issue dealer lists this set as being issued in 2018. 39 stamps of K 1.30 each.
      Catalogue editors are indeed up for some challenges! Which "personalised" stamps to list and which not to list. And also in 21th century philately are all those "limited edition" souvenir sheets. From Australia for example. Michel will probably list everything.

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  5. These are indeed new stamps. See addendum at end of Blog.