Monday 28 November 2016

870. New Universal Mail United Kingdom Stamps.

  Universal Mail United Kingdom has issued 4 more strips, each of 5 different stamps, in its overseas postcard airmail series. All 4 strips carry the date 06/16. Three of the strips are "Bespoke" meaning that they are sold only at a single site and consequently having very limited availability while the 4th strip is part of the "England" series which is more easily obtainable from Universal Mail United Kingdom itself. The strips are:-
  UK 0163 The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  UK 0164 The National Portrait Museum Literary and Artistic figures
  UK 0165 The National Portrait Museum English kings and queens

All of the above are "Bespoke" issues.
  UK 0181 Hastings

  Because of the limited availability of the Bespoke issues I shall not be adding them to my collection but I shall obtain strip UK 0181. How much more attractive and interesting are these issues, not just to stamp collectors but also tourists who may wish to use them on mail back home, than Royal Mail's "Post and Go" stamps. Rating:- ****.

  Pakistan Post has issued a single stamp to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lahore High Court. The stamp was designed by Adil Salahuddin and lithographed by Pakistan Security Printing Corporation in Karachi. Rating :- ***.

  Ten stamps were issued by Nipost, the post office of Nigeria, on 7 October 2016 to commemorate the Centenary of the creation of Nigeria in 1914. The issue was in 2 parts - 6 stamps with holograms incorporated in the designs showing historically significant buildings in Nigeria and 4 hexagonal stamps depicting historical figures or scenes. The stamps were printed by Tacoma International Ltd.

  I have also mentioned previously the set of 4 which was issued on 7 November 2016 on an anti-corruption theme and now include better illustrations of the stamps. The set was designed by N Osuji Godrick and printed by Superflex International. Each stamp has a small hologram included in the design and a fluorescent overprint in the form of a dove and "NIPOST".

  The postal administration of Myanmar issued 2 stamps on 21 November 2016 to commemorate the country's hosting in Yangon of 23rd ASEAN Postal Business Meeting. Rating:- **.

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