Wednesday, 9 November 2016

861. South African Puppets.

  The South African Post Office issued a sheetlet containing 5 different self-adhesive stamps on the unusual subject of "Puppetry in South Africa" on 7 October 2016. I like this issue if only because of its unusual subject matter and one of the designs will appeal to collectors of "Horses on stamps". Rating:- ****.

  For sale on an internet auction site is the latest set of 4 stamps and 1 miniature sheet from the postal administration of Nigeria. The set was issued on 7 November 2016 and is an anti-corruption and anti-fraud issue. The designs incorporate small holograms. Despite the technology used on the stamps the designs are very crude and naive but have an authentic charm about them. Rating:- ***.

  More paraphilatelic products this week from Stamperija printed with the names of Commonwealth countries on them - this time it's Sierra Leone and Solomon Islands who allow their national philatelic reputation to be thus blighted.

  Inscribed "Solomon Islands" are 12 "sheetlets" each containing 4 different "stamps" and 12 accompanying "miniature sheets" on various subjects which are illustrated by shockingly poor artwork:- 110th death anniversary of Paul Cezanne, Commemoration of the late President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, Owls, "Summer Games, Rio", Roman Catholic "Year of Mercy", Table tennis", "Tribute to Muhammad Ali", "Speed trains", Submarines, "Special transport", Tall ships, "Philataipei 2016" - Chiang Kai Shek and "Philataipei 2016" - the Dalai Lama. The stated "date of issue" was 1 September 2016.  2016. Rating:- 0.

  Issued with the name of Sierra Leone printed on them are 10 "sheetlets", each of 4 different "stamps" and 10 "miniature sheets" on the subjects of Orchids, Mushrooms, Extinct animals, Dinosaurs and minerals, Big cats, Tigers, Pandas, Hummingbirds, Owls and Birds of prey. The stated "date of issue" was 29 August 2016. Rating:- 0.

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