Wednesday 8 May 2019

1436. 🏴‍☠️ CSO Overprints Baby Archie Stamps.

🏴‍☠️ Commonwealth Stamps Opinion is proud to announce that it has now overprinted the 3 stamps it issued on 8 May 2019 which commemorated the birth of a son to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. CSO reacted instantly to the announcement of the name of the royal child by overprinting its already overwhelmingly popular stamp issue with the boy’s name - Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor - and adding a surcharge to each stamp to reflect the importance of the occasion of this royal birth. The revised face values of this second highly desirable set are £2 + £1, £3 + £2 and £10 + £5. 
  Commonwealth Stamps Opinion is planning to issue a number of other items to celebrate Baby Archie’s arrival in this world - miniature sheets containing both the unoverprinted and overprinted stamps will be put on sale as well as a special deluxe prestige booklet released in a limited edition of 50,000 which makes this marvellous commemorative item all the more desirable to stamp collectors and Royal Family enthusiasts alike. The deluxe booklet will be available in a special presentation box (details to be announced) and will be sold for the amazing bargain price of £109.99p.
  Commonwealth Stamps Opinion is very proud to be the very first philatelic entity to recognise and celebrate Baby Archie’s birth with this spectacular and unprecedented stamp issue. We remind collectors that these stamps are so important that they are not available in post offices and due to their significance they have no postal validity.


  1. Sign me up and please do a limited edition gold foil miniature sheet with a light up hologram of the baby so it glows in the dark. And Please issue it through a joint issue with the Grenadines of St Vincent as well.

    1. Thank you Bearhunter. I am pleased to say that all your suggested options are in the works plus several more exciting, limited edition products which have fabulous investment potential. Best wishes, WK.