Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Jamaica's Damp Squib Celebration Stamps.

In my blog of 10 August 2012 I asked "Where are the stamps Jamaica is issuing to celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence?" Two designs have now appeared and they are rather disappointing in that they look like stamps from the 1960's with uninteresting and unexciting designs. The $120 value depicts the national coat of arms which has featured on many Jamaican stamps and the $60 shows what must be the official logo for the celebrations. Really, neither design looks at all celebrational and wholly lacking in originality and enthusiasm. There is no feeling of Caribbean-style celebrations about either stamp. Perhaps the Jamaican Post Office will do better if it issues stamps to commemorate the country's recent success at the Olympic Games or will any design that appears make Usain Bolt look as pedestrian as these 50th anniversary designs?

Meanwhile, The Republic of Ireland issued 4 stamps on 13 September which feature Irish folklore, myths and legends and they are very lively and fun designs:-

I have previously depicted the sheet of stamps issued by Vanuatu on 26 March 2012 to commemorate the 30th anniversary of its diplomatic relations with The People's Republic Of China and Now, below, is an enlargement of the design of the single stamp itself which features a giant panda and a wild boar:-

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