Tuesday 15 June 2021

1895. 🇦🇺 Australia Post. Say No More!


🇦🇺 My bad mood induced by writing the previous Blog in which I reported the latest activities of the notorious Philatelic Collector Inc. was further inflamed by reading immediately afterwards the news contained in the latest Australian Philatelic Bulletin of another vast number of unnecessary new issues aimed at bankrupting the new issue collector..

  New Australian stamps are now so numerous and of so little intrinsic interest that I shall no longer waste much time in illustrating most of them in this Blog, as I now do with the products emitted by such entities as Philatelic Collector Inc, IGPC and the infernal Stamperija. I will therefore continue to illustrate the stamps with the name of the dependent territories printed on them and will continue to list those simply inscribed ‘Australia’ though mostly unillustrated.

6 July 2021 - ‘Ticket to Tokyo’ (Olympic Games) - 1 gummed stamp issued in a sheetlet of 10.

6 July 2021 - Contemporary Australian sculpture - 4 gummed stamps, 4 self-adhesive stamps from a booklet of 10 and 1 gummed miniature sheet.

13 July 2021 - Australia’s volcanic past - 4 gummed stamps, 4 self-adhesive stamps from booklets of 20 and 4 self-adhesive stamps from coils. 

13 July 2021 - issue inscribed Norfolk Island Australia - Model ships - 2 gummed stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing the 2 stamps.

27 July 2021 - Australian bonsai trees - 3 gummed stamps, 1 gummed miniature sheet and 1 self-adhesive stamp from a ‘sheetlet’ of 5 identical stamps.

3 August 2021 - Stamp Collecting Month, “Full steam ahead” - 5 gummed stamps and 1 gummed miniature sheet containing all 5 stamps and 5 self-adhesive stamps from booklets of 10 (2 x 5 sets) and 1 ‘stamp pack’ costing $15.50c containing a sheet of 12 different ‘My Stamp’-style stamps.

10 August 2021 - issue inscribed Christmas Island Australia - Turtles - 4 gummed stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing all 4 stamps.

2021 - Stamp packs containing sheets of 12 different self-adhesive ‘My Stamp’-style stamps each sold for $15.50c -

‘101 Dalmations’

Where’s Wally?

Welcome To Extraordinary

The Mandalorian


Disney Princess

July to August 2021 - Australian Olympic gold medalists - 1 stamp for each champion issued in sheetlets of 10 within 72 hours of the medal awarding ceremony. Each stamp will have a face value of $1.10c with the cost of a sheet being $11.

  This seems to add 130 new items (stamps and miniature sheets), not including the Olympic medalist issue to the total number of stamps issued during 2021, all issued in a two month period. Say no more!

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