Thursday 5 November 2020

1776. 🇨🇦 Canada Post Religious Stamp Features The Nativity.


🇨🇦 In Blog 1775 I failed to mention the beautiful religiously themed Christmas stamp which was issued on 2 November 2020 by Canada Post along with the 3 other stamps detailed there. This rendition of The Nativity with ox and donkey was designed by Soapbox Design and was printed in booklets of 12. The stamp is self-adhesive. Rating:- *****. Is this the most appealing stamp design of 2020?

🇮🇪 The postal service of the Republic of Ireland, An Post, issued 6 self-adhesive Christmas stamps on 5 November. 2020. Four stamps are in the Domestic Mail rate and the other 2 are at the International rate. The Domestic stamps are issued in 2 booklets and the International rate stamps are sold in a third booklet costing €8.50. These are cheerful but are inconsequential like the recently mentioned Gibraltar stamps. Rating:- **.

 🇹🇹 T &T Post, the postal service of Trinidad And Tobago issued a set of 5 stamps and an accompanying miniature sheet containing 3 different stamps to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the first arrival of the East Indian community in the islands. I mentioned this very attractive issue in Blog 1698 but now show better quality illustrations below:-

🇬🇮 In addition to the ordinary set of 6 Christmas stamps and 1 miniature sheet to be issued by Royal Gibraltar Post Office on 2 November 2020 (see Blog 1775) there will also be an incredibly dull Christmas Post and Go stamp depicting a stylised Christmas tree dispensed by kiosk GI04. The item bears the inscription ‘Christmas/2020’ and is sold in 6 values. The item was designed by Stephen Perera and printed by Walsall.

🇬🇧 The Intelligent AR Post &Go internet site has reported that the Post and Go stamps which were to have been dispensed from kiosk A003 at the Fleet Air Arm Museum from 11 November 2020 (See Blog 1764) will not now be made available as the museum will be closed because of the new 4 week-long ‘Lockdown’ across England which is about to begin. The museum will be closed until further notice. The proposed stamps which were to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Taranto were to have had the additional inscription as depicted below.

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