Monday 30 May 2016

768. Posting And Going At New York New York.

  Post And Go collectors are probably reeling from the onslaught of new labels being issued by Royal Mail, Jersey Post and Guernsey Post dispensed at the World Stamp Show NY2016. None of the labels of course have any postal validity in New York but "first day covers" have been produced by using labels dispensed from "Back Office" machine BO01 cancelled by the mark "WORLD STAMP EXHIBITION - NEW YORK" and with an illustration of the Statue Of Liberty over  "New York" with "28.05.16.  LINCOLN" below that. 
  The 6 "New York Skyline" values from the BO01 Collectors strip" are depicted here.
 Shown below are:-
 1. Collectors strip New York Skyline B001
 2. Collectors strip New York Skyline A011
 3. Collectors strip Union Jack A011 
 4. Collectors strip Jersey Flag JE01
 5. Collectors strip Jersey Crest JE01
 6. Collectors strip Guernsey Flag GG01
 7. Collectors strip Guernsey Life GG01

  As mentioned in Blog 730, Back office-printed versions of the following have also been issued:-

 8. Collectors strip Union Jack BO01
 9. Collectors strip Jersey Flag BO02
 10. Collectors strip Jersey Crest BO02
 11. Collectors strips Guernsey Flag BO02
 12. Collectors strip Guernsey Life BO02

  The postal administration of Kiribati issued a modest set of 4 stamps on 28 May 2016 to commemorate its representation at NY2016. Pleasingly the set depicted scenes and subjects relevant to Kiribati alongside the exhibition logo. Rating:- *****.
  Mercifully, the Kiribati Post Office does not possess a "Post And Go" kiosk. It's nice to have just an old fashioned set of stamps to buy rather than all the added paraphernalia. 

  Collectors do not get off so lightly when it comes to Australia Post's commemoration of the New York Exhibition. Six miniature sheets are being issued, a different one being issued daily from the first to the sixth day of the exhibition. Each sheet contains one each of the 4 butterfly stamps issued earlier this year. The items are indeed colourful and attractive but clearly excessive. Rating:- *.

  Post scriptum. Also being offered for sale on an Internet auction site is a set of the same 6 miniature sheets with additional green foil overprints applied but issued in a ludicrously limited edition of just 250 of each sheet and sold only at the exhibition. Not surprisingly the set is being offered at a premium price of $199. Rating:- 0.

  Sri Lanka Post issued a single stamp on 27 May 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Sri Lanka Tourism which started off as the Ceylon Tourist Board on 2 May 1966 in which year 18,969 tourists arrived in the island. In contrast, there were 1,800,000 tourist arrivals in Sri Lanka in 2015.
  The stamp was designed by Ruwan Indrajith Upasena. Rating:- **.

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