Wednesday 12 July 2017

1039. 🇿🇦 New South Africa Issue Depicts Bees.

  🇿🇦 The South African Post Office issued a set of 3 stamps on 12 July 2017 on the subject of "Bees". The pleasant issue was designed by Jessica Delaney. Rating:- ****.

  🇯🇪 Jersey Post continues to release numerous stamp issues and news of two more is available. The problem with Jersey Post stamps is that they are generally of the highest quality of design and production and they would be a great pleasure to collect if there weren't so many of them.
  The new issues look as attractive as ever. But one must ask why Jersey Post feels it necessary to issue a "Links with China" set for the third time in as many years. Well, I guess we know why - clearly the first 2 sets in the series have sold well in China so why not issue another set to garner even more money from the Far East? It looks like being an attractive issue as well - this time on the subject of Butterflies. I would love to add it to my collection but it is excessive - nowadays more stamp issues emerge from Jersey than do from Grenada, Grenada Grenadines, Antigua And Barbuda and Tanzania.
  So, as much as I like the look of this set, I will not be buying it.

  There will also be a new set of Post and Go stamps which depict fruit. I presume that these will be issued at Autumn Stampex 2017 in London. It looks as though it should be a colourful set.

  🇰🇳 Publicity sent out by IGPC shows that there is an additional miniature sheet in the "Flowers of Nevis" issue which was mentioned in Blog 1036 with a stated date of issue of 22 June 2017:-

  🇦🇬  The publicity also illustrated a number of philatelic products to come with the name of Antigua And Barbuda printed on them - 4 stamps on the subject of "Jellyfish", a sheetlet of 4 different stamps on the subject of the "Hawksbill sea turtle", a single stamp, presumably part of a set, which depicts a Macaw, a sheetlet of 4 different stamps on the subject of "Fruits of The Caribbean", a sheetlet of 4 different stamps which depict the US music performer Elvis Presley and 4 stamps in a sheetlet which commemorate the Centenary of the French artist, Edgar Degas.
  There is also a sheetlet of 4 different stamps on the subject of the Fallow Deer which the sheet identifies as the national animal of Antigua And Barbuda. I was surprised to discover that the country's national animal was a species which was originally introduced into Britain by the Romans and then, centuries later, introduced into these Caribbean islands by the British. It's a very attractive creature and looks good on a stamp.

  The Degas issue was designed by Lauren Hendrickson and her website shows that a second sheetlet of 3 stamps will be added to the issue as shown below:-

  She also informs the collector of other upcoming IGPC issues:-

  - 2 further miniature sheets in the "Peaceful Plovers" series - one containing 3 different stamps and one contains a single stamp (items issued for Nevis with the same subject were mentioned in Blog 1036 - date of issue 22 June 2017):-

  🇬🇩 Grenada - "Puppies" - 2 miniature sheets, one of 3 stamps and one single stamp sheet:-

  - "Starfish" - 2 miniature sheets, one containing 4 stamps and one containing a single stamp:-

  🇻🇨 St. Vincent And The Grenadines - Sea snails and sea anemones - 2 miniature sheets (one containing 1 stamp and one containing 3 stamps):-

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