Sunday 23 July 2017

1048. 🇲🇼🇬🇧 New Malawi Surcharges; Should There Be A Royal Mail England Winners Set?

  The Malawi Philatelic Bureau Facebook site has illustrations of sheets or part sheets of new K600 and K900 surcharges on 3 values (30t (K600) 50t (K900) and K2(K600)) of the 1988 Bird definitive series. As far as I am aware these have only recently made their appearance on the site but there are no accompanying details of the stamps and no given date of issue. The previous K520 and K815 definitive surcharges have been easy enough to get hold of so hopefully these new values will prove to be equally easily obtainable. Rating:- ***.
  The K600 value meets the postage rate to Europe and the Middle East as well as covering Registration fees.

  🇬🇧 It will be a serious misjudgement by Royal Mail if it fails to issue a set of stamps to commemorate the England team's victory over India in the final of the Women's Cricket World Cup. There have been plenty of cricket stamps released by the British postal service over the years and they all had something in common - they all featured male cricketers. Now the English women have scored a famous victory in the sport and it will look very bad if we do not have a philatelic commemoration of the event (and I don't mean one of those tiresome "commemorative sheets") especially coming a week or so after the news that Dr. Who is to be played by a woman for the first time and the growing controversy about the huge gender pay gap at the BBC.

   So, Royal Mail - rush out a miniature sheet similar to that which was issued to commemorate Andy Murray's Wimbledon victory in 2013 or the England men's team Ashes victory against Australia in 2005.

  Can it be true that Royal Mail in co-operation with the BBC will issue 3 new stamps in its series of Dr Who stamps which started in 2013 with a set of 11 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of television's longest running television science fiction series?
  The 3 new stamps will mark the end of Peter Capaldi's run as the 12th Doctor and his replacement by Jodie Whitaker as the first ever female Dr. Who (although Joanna Lumley played the role in a Children In Need spoof in the late 1990's). A third stamp will feature the late John Hurt, one of the greatest British actors of recent times, who played a previously unknown incarnation of Dr. Who in the 50th anniversary episode and who was positioned between the 8th and 9th Doctors and called "The War Doctor". Dr. Who enthusiasts will be excited to know that they may be able to bring their Dr. Who stamp collection up to date and that they will have all 14 incarnations of the time traveller in their collection.
  It should be a money spinner for Royal Mail and very popular with the general public as were the original 11 stamps plus assorted miniature sheets, booklets, Smilers sheets, Prestige booklets and postcards which appeared with the basic stamps themselves.
  The date of issue should be around 23 November 2017. Well ... perhaps. Rating:- *****.

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