Tuesday 19 May 2015

574. Gibraltar Post And Go Error And Kiosk Goes To New Home.

  Now notorious is the error which occurred on the Gibraltar Post And Go "Worldwide up to 20g" label which was sold from the Gibraltar IAR kiosk at Europhilex Stamp Exhibition 2015 on 13 May 2015, the opening day of the show. I bought mine about 4.30 PM when many of the visitors to the show appeared to have departed but the kiosk was still dispensing the error shown below which is inscribed Wordwide rather than Worldwide. The text was subsequently corrected thus producing 2 versions of the label and consequently 2 Collectors' strips to be purchased by those who feel that they must buy everything that these machines churn out. Post And Go devotees appear to be rather disgruntled about all this but dealers keep buying them and offering them on the internet auction sites so I presume that there are still collectors out there who are collecting these things:-

Wordwide error

Corrected Worldwide

  Disgruntled or not, such collectors now have a third version of the labels to buy now that kiosk GI01 has been moved to Gibraltar House in The Strand because the labels dispensed at this location have an additional inscription, "Gibraltar House". Interestingly these items are not yet being offered for sale by the Gibraltar Philatelic Bureau and of course there is no kiosk located in Gibraltar itself. As I have written before, all of the above labels have no postal validity in the country in which they have been dispensed so, I would have thought, are unlikely to receive full catalogue status as postage stamps from any decent stamp catalogue:-

Gibraltar House Worldwide

Gibraltar House collectors' strip.

Kiosk GG01 at Europhilex.

  The catalogue supplement in the latest edition of Stanley Gibbons Stamp Monthly includes a listing for recent issues of Ghana (2012 - 14) which again includes a number of issues on subjects irrelevant to Ghana which the editor has banished to the appendix section see Blogs 538 and 571).
   I like this policy but there sometimes seems to be a degree of inconsistency as to which issues receive full listing and which receive appendix status. An example of this is that an issue of 2013 which commemorates the former US President, JF Kennedy, receives full listing but issues which commemorate other foreign leaders such as Deng Xiaoping, Margaret Thatcher and Pope Francis are placed in the appendix. I cannot see that Kennedy has any more relevance to Ghana than does the former Chinese leader or the present Pope.
   Another example is a miniature sheet which includes stamps which feature World Heritage sites in Norway and Iceland and receives a catalogue number but an issue about the Sistine Chapel is relegated to the Appendix. I wish that there were a little more consistency and predictability in this policy to enable collectors to decide what might be useful additions to their collections as some listings do not appear until 2 or 3 years after stamps have been offered for sale on the philatelic market. 

Kennedy makes it into the Catalogue...

...but Thatcher does not...

...nor does Deng Xiaoping.

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