Monday 18 May 2015

573. Royal Mail's New Horizon Label; Heraldic Beasts, New Norfolk Island Booklet.

  I have received the cover with the new Royal Mail Horizon label fixed to it which I sent to myself from the post office situated in the Design Centre in Islington in London where the Europhilex Stamp Exhibition 2015 was held. The new label was illustrated in Blog 571 but this illustration shows the label with the 2nd class large value inscribed on it. It was postmarked at the exhibition and has an additional "Mount Pleasant Mail Centre" machine cancellation and makes a nice example of the new label which will be a workhorse stamp of the UK postal system used on cover.

Entire cover

  I visited the post office in Pinfold Street in Birmingham a couple of days ago to obtain my set of NMR kiosk-printed "Heraldic Beasts" Post And Go stamps which were being sold from 2 of the machines there. Of course these are genuine postage stamps since the dispensed items are freely available to the general public for use on their mail unlike the items dispensed from the IAR kiosks situated in a single site only in the recent Europhilex Stamp Exhibition for a limited period of 4 days. The latter are merely exhibition souvenirs but I was still pleased to buy a Collectors' strip of them as a souvenir of my visit to the exhibition. Below I depict the stamps obtained from the NMR kiosk at the left and the IAR labels at the right to contrast the difference between the styles of the inscriptions on the items from the two different sources. Below the NMR/IAR pairs I depict the 6 items from the pack sold by the Philatelic Bureau with the inscriptions printed in lithography by International Security Printers along with the rest of the stamp:-

NMR at left, IAR at right.

Inscription lithographed by ISP.

  Norfolk Island Post issued an excellent booklet of 10 different self-adhesive stamps on 19 March 2015 on the subject of the wreck of HMS Sirius on 19 March 1790 and the recovery of artefacts from the wreck:-

  Malta Post issued a single stamp with an attached label on 7 May 2015 to mark its attendance at the Essen Philatelic Exhibition 2015:-

Flag Counter

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