Sunday 10 May 2015

568. Design of Gibraltar Post And Go Revealed; Flood Of Issues For Baby Princess Expected From New York.

  The Intelligent A R website now depicts the design of the upcoming Gibraltar Post and Go exhibition souvenir label which will make its first appearance at the Europhilex Stamp Exhibition 2015 which will be held in London from 13 to 16 May 2015. As pointed out in Blog 564 these items will not for the foreseeable future be dispensed from any "kiosk" located in Gibraltar itself and so their status as postage stamps is debatable at the very least. But no doubt collectors visiting the exhibition will see them as a colourful souvenir of their visit to the exhibition as long as they do not try to use them on any mail they intend to post in London or elsewhere in Britain.

  After the enormous number of new issues detailed in Blog 567 which have recently been released by the New York-based philatelic agency IGPC, collectors will no doubt be delighted to read that the agency has not run out of steam and its next big push to relieve stamp collectors of their money will inevitably be related to the birth of the latest royal baby, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge:-

  The text of the advert reads:- "Be on the lookout for commemorative issues from IGPC honoring the birth of Princess Charlotte COMING SOON!" (as the baby is British couldn't they have spelt 'honoring' with a "u"?). 
  No doubt the Princess Charlotte issues will be immensely popular with royal family enthusiasts but I do hope that IGPC shows better taste with some of the designs than it did with the issues it produced to commemorate the birth of the baby's brother, Prince George (see Blog 340).

  Finally, news of a real postage stamp - Sri Lanka Post issued one stamp on 4 May 2015 to commemorate the State Vesak festival:-

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