Saturday 17 January 2015

513. Guernsey Post Adds To A Surfeit Of Flags.

  Guernsey Post will issue its first "Post And Go" stamps on 18 February 2015 at the Spring Stampex Philatelic Exhibition in London. The souvenir labels which will of course have no postal validity in The United Kingdom will be available in 6 values in a vertical strip printed in photogravure by Walsall Security Printers. The issue which depicts the national flag of Guernsey was designed by Two Degrees North. It appears that these labels will not for the present be available to the mail sending public of Guernsey from a machine located on the island where, of course, they would be valid for postal use. For the present at least therefore I shall not be adding them to my collection of postage stamps but will buy them when and if they are sold from a Post And Go machine actually located in Guernsey:-

  Meanwhile the flag of Jersey continues to put in regular appearances with its usage by Jersey Post on the "Churchill 24.1.65."-inscribed "Post And Go" stamps which will be produced by the machine located in the Broad Street post office in Jersey where of course they will have postal validity unlike those produced by the machine at Spring Stampex in London where they really only have the status of exhibition souvenirs. In both cases, the "Post And Go" issues will be produced as strips of 6 different values. For vexillological philatelists  - or should it be philatelic vexillologists? - this is a feast of flags on stamps but for other collectors the constant outpourings of minor variations on a theme especially from Jersey Post are all becoming rather tiresome. Each strip of 6 stamps has a face value of £4.07p to which Jersey Post deteminedly attaches value added tax and even without which these two issues will cost stamps collectors at least £8.14p:-

  The unrelenting release of philatelic products continues from Stamperija with another 15 sheetlets (each of 4 different "stamps") and 15 accompanying miniature sheets with the name of Mozambique printed on them. The stated "date of issue" is 20 August 2014 and the 15 featured subjects are Birds of prey, Parrots, The fight against malaria, Butterfies, High speed trains, Funicular railways, Steam trains, Cruise ships, Fire engines, Dirigibles, Ambulances, Lighthouses, Satellites, the "Colonisation of Mars" and Mountains and birds:-

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