Thursday 29 November 2018

1342. 🇱🇰 Lighthouses Of Sri Lanka.

  🇱🇰 Sri Lanka Post issued a set of 4 stamps and 4 miniature sheets on 26 November 2018 on the subject of Lighthouses of Sri Lanka. The issue was designed by Ruwan Upasena. Rating:- *****.

  A single stamp was released on 27 November 2018 to commemorate the Centenary of the rubber industry in Sri Lanka. The stamp was designed by Mevan Fonseca. Rating:- *****.

  🇦🇺 In Blog 1326 I listed a number of highly expensive Impressions philatelic items being released by Australia Post and more have been announced. Usually they take the form of stamps or miniature sheets issued during 2018 but printed using different means from the basic stamps and only in very limited editions with the items being individually numbered. I do not see the appeal of such stuff but I suspect that those who buy them see them as investment opportunities. Clearly it's well worth the aggressively commercial Australia Post producing them as the price of them is so high that the amount of profit it makes on them must be enormous. Nevertheless, it's worth recording them as their existence could cause confusion in the future.

  'Gold Christmas stamps' - 2 gummed gold foil stamps sold with ordinary versions in limited editions of 200 each for $ 24.95c. Rating:- 0.

  'Vintage Motorcycles' collection sold for $129.95c in a limited edition of 200. The pack contains a strip of the 4 stamps, a block of 4 stamps depicting the 'Precision' motor bike and a self-adhesive, perforated and numbered miniature sheet. Additionally the pack contains facsimiles of 2 plates used to print the 'Precision' stamp by 4 colour printing. Rating:- 0.

  'Royal Celebrations miniature sheet collection' - 3 numbered miniature sheets sold for $29.95c in a limited edition of 250. Each sheet contains 2 stamps, the first commemorates the Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II (2 different stamps), the second commemorates the Birth of Prince Louis (2 identical stamps) and the third commemorates the Wedding of the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex (2 identical stamps). Rating:- 0.

  Norfolk Island 'Wrasses collection' - 3 miniature sheets sold for $129.95c in a limited edition of 200. The product contains the previously issued 'normal' unnumbered miniature sheet, an 'embellished' perforated sheet with embossed silver foil between layers of acetate and a third miniature sheet printed on a clear laser foil. Rating:- 0.

  Silo Art '3D' miniature sheet sold in a box in a limited edition of 200 for $149.95c. The '3D' miniature sheet was 3D printed using resin and is sold along with a gummed, perforated sheet numbered from 01 to 200. Rating:- 0.

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  1. The Lighthouses of Sri Lanka miniature sheets were also issued with a golden overprint 'Thailand 2018 World Stamp Exhibition' in the lower right corner.