Sunday 12 December 2021

1994. 🇬🇧 Royal Mail Plans 15 Sets In 2022.


  🇬🇧 Details of the 2022 Royal Mail programme of new issues are now to hand having been kindly sent to me by a reader of this Blog (to whom, thanks). A Royal Mail pamphlet was passed on to the reader by their local post office which had not received any instructions that it should not distribute the pamphlet. There are to be 15 issues, many predictable and many featuring subjects which have appeared at least once before on ‘British’ stamps. Most appealing potentially, I think, is the issue featuring the glorious stamp designs of the maestro, David Gentleman. I assume this issue is connected to the London 2020 International Philatelic Exhibition and in that context it is a very apt issue.

The 2022 Programme is therefore:- 

20 January - The Rolling Stones (veteran popular music group) (already announced)

4 February - To be announced (presumably the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II)

18 February - The stamp designs of David Gentleman 

8 March - The FA Cup (150th anniversary of the First FA Cup final).

23 March - Heroes of the COVID-19 Pandemic

7 April - Migratory birds

5 May - Unsung heroes, Women of World War II

2 June - Cats. 

1 July - To be announced

28 July - Commonwealth Games hosted by Birmingham

1 September - To be announced 

29 September - The Royal Marines (there have previously been issues commemorating The Royal Navy, The Army and the Royal Air Force).

19 October - To be announced (Almost certainly an issue to commemorate the Centenary of the BBC founded on 18 October 2022 - an opportunity to feature lots of popular programmes I should think).

3 November - Christmas

24 November - Tutankhamen (Centenary of the discovery of the pharaoh’s tomb by Howard Carter and Lord Caernarvon).


  1. A disappointing philatelic program, by the way. Demonstrations of military might, jubielus of the royal family, record covers we are tired of knowing, television programs completely unknown to us outside the Commonwealth. Cats will hardly achieve the charm of the 1995 issue. There remains the possibility of a good issue of the designs of david Genrlelman, and the two issues still undisclosed!

  2. Great scoop! Not too exciting unfortunately but looking forward to the Jubilee and Royal Marines sets. Hopefully the jubilee set is on par with the 1992 and 2003 stamps at least.