Wednesday 21 February 2018

1180. 🇵🇳 Jewels Of The Bounty.

  🇵🇳 Bounty Post, the postal service of Pitcairn Islands, will issue a set of 4 stamps on 27 February 2018 which is titled 'Jewels of The Bounty'. The stamps depict fragments of the submerged Bounty which was sunk by the mutineers when they arrived at Pitcairn which have become altered by metallic changes and oxidation.
 This is an interesting issue and was designed by Denise Durkin and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and perforated 13.5. Rating:- ****.

  🇬🇧 Royal Mail will issue a set of 6 stamps, 1 miniature sheet, 1 counter booklet containing 4 x 1st Class definitives and 2 RAF stamps and 1 Prestige booklet sold for £18.69p plus a 'Limited edition' Prestige booklet sold for £45 on 20 March 2018. A second counter booklet will be issued on 11 May 2018. The subject of this multitude of philatelic products is the worthy commemoration of the Centenary of the Royal Air Force.
  The prestige booklet is made up of 5 panes - 3 containing 4 of the new stamps (2 x 1st and 2 x £1.40, 1 x 1st plus 1 x £1.40 plus 2 x £1.57, 4 x 'Red Arrows' stamps from the miniature sheet), 1 pane containing 4 x 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain stamps of 2015 and 1 pane containing 8 Machin Head stamps (3 x 2p, 3 x 5p and 2 x £1.17p stamps).
  This is an attractive issue about an important subject but oh dear, what a lot of philatelic products. Rating:- ***.

  🇬🇮 The Royal Gibraltar Post Office will issue a new definitive set on 5 March 2018 which will feature the subject of local cannons. The set is made up of 12 stamps with a face value range of 10p to £3 and it was designed by Stephen Perera from the attractive illustrations of Leslie Gaduzo. The issue was lithographed by BPost Security Printers. This is an attractive and interesting definitive series. Rating:- *****.

  🇬🇮🇬🇬 The Guernsey Post Post and Go stamps originally mentioned in Blog 1157 which were issued on St. Valentine's Day, 14 February, at Spring Stampex 2018 in London included the 'Guernsey Flag' stamp with an additional appropriate inscription and is now illustrated below:-

  Post and Go stamps were also sold from 14 February 2018 by the Royal Gibraltar Post Office with an additional St Valentine's Day/Spring Stampex 2018 inscription on the Freemasonry stamps. On the same day the Year of The Dog Post and Go stamps were also released. All of these are illustrated below:-


  🇬🇬 Finally back to Limited editions, Guernsey Post and the Chinese New Year and what do you have?   .......  a Guernsey Post limited edition Chinese New Year miniature sheet produced in 99% pure gold foil and sold in an acrylic display case. Yours for a mere £95. Oh! By the way, only 200 have been produced. Rating:- 0.

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