Thursday 4 May 2023

2298. 🇹🇹 Trinidad Commemorates Confectionery Company.


🇹🇹 T & T Post (Postal service of Trinidad And Tobago) -

?26 November 2022 - Centenary of the KC Confectionery Ltd, founded by Abdul and Zainab Khan - 3 stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing a single stamp.The suggested date of issue is the day on which the stamps were launched officially. Self-adhesive with ‘candy scent’ incorporated in the stamps. Rating:- ****.

🇬🇧 Royal Mail -

5 May 2023 - Post and Go, ‘A new reign’. As pointed out in a comment by Norvic, the previously announced use of an additional inscription ‘A New Reign’ on all Post & Go’ stamps (see Blog 2295) has now been cancelled.

🇮🇲 Isle Of Man Post Office -

28 April 2023 - Coronation of King Charles III - If only the IOM Post Office could return to a more conservative new issue policy instead of pouring out large numbers of expensive stamp issues made up of large numbers of stamps on to the market, then it would great fun to start collecting its products again. Alas there does not seem to be any immediate prospect of that happening. However there are some interesting items which cost absolutely nothing which can be added to a 2020s IOM collection such as the just received cover from its philatelic sales department which has one of the latest Coronation stamps printed on it as well as publicity for other issues. Very nice. And free.  


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