Friday 27 October 2017

1109. 🇮🇳 India Post Features Dance On Joint Issue With Russia.

  🇮🇳 India Post issued a miniature sheet containing 2 stamps on 26 October 2017 featuring dancers as a joint issue with the postal service of Russia. This is one of the more attractive issues from India Post issued during 2017. Rating:- *****.

  🇹🇷 The postal service of The Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus issued a pair of stamps on 5 October 2017 on the subject of "The Masters of Tradition" (traditional trades). The set was designed by GK Sonmezer and lithographed by the State Printing House, Lefkosa. An interesting little set. Rating:- ****.

  🇬🇧 In Blog 1102 I detailed the new Royal Mail Post And Go stamps which took place on 20 October 2017 and mainly involved the release of the usual "Poppy" Post and Go stamps in time for Remembrance Day. The resulting new stamps are depicted below:-

  New 'Machin Head' stamps:-

  Kiosk A006. Added inscription:- "HMS Trincomalee 19th Oct 1817". Dispensed from 20 October. During the first hour of sale the kiosk dispensed stamps with an incorrect inscription which read "HMS Trincomalee 12th Oct 1817".

  New 'Union Jack' stamps:-

  20 October 2017 - Added inscription "Trafalgar Day" - 

  Kiosk A002
  Kiosk A007

  New 'Poppy' stamps:-

  24 October 2017 - NCR kiosk (various post offices) with new code MAILR17YL:-

  20 October 2017 - IAR kiosks (various museums) with code MA15:-

  A001 The Postal Museum
  A002 The Museum of the Royal Navy
  A003 The Fleet Air Arm Museum
  A004 The Royal Navy Submarine Museum
  A006 HMS Trincomalee 
  A007 Royal Navy Explosions Museum
  A011 The Royal Corps of Signals Museum
  M001 BFPO Headquarters RAF Northolt

 🇪🇸 Finally, nothing to do with The Commonwealth, but it's worth noting here as there are likely to be philatelic consequences that Catalonia made a unilateral Declaration of Independence on 27 October 2017 and made itself a Republic apart from The Kingdom of Spain of which it was previously an autonomous region. It will be interesting to see what happens next from both the political and philatelic points of view.

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