Wednesday 11 October 2017

1099. 🇿🇦 Range Of Subjects Featured On South African New Issues.

  🇿🇦 The South African Post Office issued a miniature sheet containing a single stamp on 11 October 2017 to commemorate the National Philatelic Exhibition "Sapdapex 2017". The item carried a surcharge and was sold for R20 with the additional charge going to "Philatelic Promotion". Rating:- ***.

  The South African Post Odfice had previously issued a single stamp miniature sheet on 8 September 2017 on the subject of Homo Naledi, a hominid of whom fragments of a skeleton had been found in South Africa. An interesting issue. Rating:- ***.

  Five self-adhesive stamps in a sheetlet were issued on 6 October 2017 to celebrate "Winemaking in South Africa". I like this set very much and it's not really a subject we find depicted on stamps all that often. Rating:- ****.

  Two self-adhesive stamps were also issued on 9 October 2017 to commemorate World Post Day and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of mail sorting by machine. These are quite complicated designs but are still interesting especially for those interested in postal history. Rating:- ***.

  🇲🇾 Pos Malaysia issued 4 stamps on 9 October 2017 to commemorate World Post Day with the theme being "Postcrossing". The stamps were issued in sheetlets of 10 with 5 x 2 designs featuring in one sheetlet and 5 of each of the others in the second sheetlet. I'm not very keen on stamps which feature cartoons as this set does and I don't think that they are as amusing as Pos Malaysia may believe them to be. Rating:- **.


  🇦🇺 Australia Post issued a miniature sheet on 6 October 2017, as mentioned in Blog 1080, in conjunction with "Adelaide Stampex '17" which was held in Adelaide from 6 to 8 October 2017. I provide a better illustration of the sheet than was shown in Blog 1080. Rating:- ***.


  1. The Malaysia stamps are not about Postcrossing, but about postcard exhange. Actually it is the same, but there have been problems with the name Postcrossing.

    1. Hello dustin15. Thank you. It seems somewhat confusing but if I mention this particular issue again I shall use the term "Post card exchange" for accuracy. I am intrigued that there have been problems with the name "Postcrossing".

  2. The "postcrossers" in Malaysia are also very confused. Actually it was planned as "real" Postcrossing stamp, but last month it was announced that it is just about postcard exhange. For some reason nobody behind Postcrossing want to explain it.

  3. I wonder if you could briefly explain what Postcrossing is, and could you explain the letterbox shaped item (four pictures up from the bottom), is it a stamp? a miniature sheet or just a label, I don't see a value on it.

    1. Hello John,

      The postbox-shaped item is a postcard released with this issue. I thought initially and incorrectly that it was a miniature sheet. I have corrected the text so as not to cause further confusion.
      As regards postcrossing, a pursuit in which I have not yet indulged, my understanding is that it is a newish sort of hobby whereby participants exchange postcards posted in various countries and gradually build up a collection of postcards addressed to themselves from the different countries of the world and interesting places in the world with hopefully interesting stamps attached to the cards cancelled by interesting postmarks. Quite a good idea really.
      No doubt if this explanation is incorrect, someone will correct me.

  4. Well, if you ever want a postcard from NZ to start your collection let me know :o)