Tuesday 6 February 2024

2447. 🇫🇯 Fiji Issue Sponsored By China Celebrates Year Of Dragon.


New issues.

🇫🇯 Fiji Post -

3 February 2024 - Chinese New Year, Year of the Dragon - 4 stamps issued in a se-tenant strip. Lithographed. Rating:- ***. 

  The issue was launched on 3 February at a reception hosted by the Chinese Culture Centre in Suva and sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Chinese Embassy in Suva and was attended by the President of Fiji, Ratu Wiliame Kantonivere.

  There’s little doubt that the Chinese are the true masters of Philatelic Diplomacy. Do not be surprised to find an issue in the near future from the postal service of Nauru, celebrating the ties between the People’s Republic of China and Nauru following the Pacific island’s recent switch to recognition of the Beijing regime in place of the government in Taiwan with which Nauru had had diplomatic relations from 2005.

Illustration below:- Nauru resumes diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China - can a Beijing-sponsored stamp issue be far away? - here a member of the Chinese Communist Party Political Bureau exchanges copies of the agreement re establishing diplomatic relations with the Nauruan Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Lionel Aingimea (24 January 2024) -

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