Saturday 13 August 2022

2135. 🇬🇧 Vast Amounts Of Expensive Products In Transformers Issue.


New issues.

🇬🇧 Royal Mail - 1 September 2022 - Transformers (foreign toys, comics, films etc) - 8 stamps featured in previous Blog (cost £11.20p), 1 miniature sheet containing 5 different stamps (price £5.70p), 3 Fan sheets each containing 3 identical stamps (each sold for £7), 1 Collectors sheet containing the 8 different stamps with attached labels (£12.40), 1 prestige booklet containing 5 different panes including 1 pane made up of barcoded Machin Head definitives (2x50p and 2 x £1) sold for £21.25p and a Deluxe prestige booklet sold for £49.99p.  Lithographed by Cartor and perforated 14. Total cost - £121.54p. Rating:- 0.
 In some ways I am glad that Royal Mail  continues to issue products such as these as it reassures me that my decision to mostly give up collecting its ‘special’ stamps and not waste my money on them is fully vindicated. It surprises me that Buckingham Palace continues to allow the Queen’s head to be printed on such philatelic trash.


  1. I wish I could say I was surprised by Royal Mail's 'grubby scumbaggery' but numerous issues over recent years (mainly related to Walt Disney Company franchises, incl. Marvel and Star Wars) have shown the contempt in which long-standing philatelic collectors are held.

    The attitude relies upon an assumption that people who have collected all Royal Mail issues over many years will continue to do so for the sake of completism.

    Well, in the words of Popeye, "that's all I can stands, I can't stands no more," and the Transformers issue is the last straw.

    Although my standing order (now cancelled) means that I may still receive the offending issue, I won't sully my collection with its inclusion - for me, the Commonwealth Games issue will be the cut-off.

  2. WK - In my opinion, you have made a wise decision. Just think how many hundreds of pounds you will save each year. And once these issues stop giving pleasure, only resentment, then it’s quite pointless buying the things. Best wishes.

  3. Well, I agree completely that it's an odd thing for Royal Mail to produce but ... as a huge Transformers fan and philatelist, I'm quite excited! Smart move to use the G1 character forms which will appeal to us collectors in the 40-something bracket. I know, I know ... I'll get my coat and leave quietly. Also, giving up the 'completist' urge and moving into thematics for modern stamps does ease the blood pressure somewhat. I'll stick to the Empire and for modern stamps the military, Star Wars ... and now Transformers.