Saturday 24 December 2022

2222. 🇮🇲 IOM’s First Charles III Stamps.


New issues -

🇮🇲 Isle Of Man Post Office -

5 January 2023 - The Triskelion, First Manx stamps to be inscribed with the royal cypher of King Charles III - 4 gummed stamps. Designed by EJC Design and lithographed by bpost and perforated 11.5. Rating:- ****.

🇼🇸 Samoa postal service - 

2022 - Surcharges. Steven Zirinsky, the expert in modern surcharged stamps and the stamps and postal history of Pacific area territories, is now offering for sale on his internet site, some new surcharges which I assume to have been issued in recent months by the Samoan postal service. The Samoan postal service seems to be delving deeper into time for previously issued stamps to surcharge - these items go back as far as 1981 - more than forty years. There are a range of values including, as we have previously seen, a number of high values which, not surprisingly given the face value and likely rarity, are expensive to buy though the lower values are more affordable. The new items are:- 

1981 International Year of The Disabled - $30 on various values  - 5 stamps. The illustrations are not in the correct proportions but give an idea of the nature of the surcharge (one of the original stamps is also illustrated in the correct dimensions) - 

Correct dimensions (unsurcharged stamp) - 

1982 Commonwealth Games - $5 on various values - 4 stamps -

2001 Butterflies - 5 stamps (self-adhesive and printed in a se-tenant strip) each one surcharged $60 - 

1991 Parrots - $10 surcharges on various values - 3 stamps -

1995 Samoan landscapes - $40 surcharges on various values -

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