Sunday 11 December 2022

2211. 🇲🇾 Malaysia New Issues Features Leisure Activities.


New issues.

🇲🇾 Pos Malaysia -

10 December 2022 - Leisure activities- 3 stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing a single stamp. Rating:- ***.

🇹🇹 T & T Post (postal service of Trinidad And Tobago) -

6 December 2022 - 60th anniversary of Independence (see Blog 2210) - 4 stamps - better quality illustrations than in previous editions Blog.

Commonwealth Games, Birmingham 2022.

As previously reported in Blog 2192, no Commonwealth postal services, or their agents, apart from Royal Mail, issued any stamps to commemorate the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham this past summer (see Blog 2125).

In Blog 2192 I reported that the notorious Lithuania-based producer and marketer of paraphilatelic products, Stamperija, had finally decided to cash in on the event by releasing items inscribed with the name of Central African Republic, a Francophone country which is not a Commonwealth member, nor has ever been, to commemorate the large sporting event. It has not, so far, unloaded products on to the market with the names of its Commonwealth ‘clients’ printed on them - Sierra Leone, Togo and the non-existent postal service of Mozambique - but has now announced an ‘issue’ with the name of Liberia printed on the products - again a country which is neither a past or present Commonwealth member. These items appear to depict medal winners at the Birmingham Games. Doubtless, we will see similar products inscribed Sierra Leone, Togo and Mozambique shortly.

  Of interest to vexillologists is the depiction of the two flags of Birmingham - the 4 ‘stamp’ sheet depicts the Bulls head flag available to be flown by ordinary citizens and one of the one ‘stamp’ sheets depicts the armorial banner of arms which is only to be flown by the city council.


  1. Are the Trinidad and Tobago stamps overprinted? The $2.50 in particular appears to have something printed under the silver area.

    1. I agree. They certainly seem to be overprints and the designs look familiar to me but if they are overprints on a previous issue then I can not identify it.