Sunday 24 July 2022

2122. ๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Zambia - New Surcharges.


New issues.

๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Zambia Post -

?2021 ?2022  - Surcharges - 3 stamps. Many postal services are now inert, if not quite dead, as regards to the release of new issues. Some now take the view that if any new postal need does arise then surcharges on previously issued stamps are all that are required to address that need. Such a postal entity is Zambia Post which, to my best knowledge, has not released any new stamps apart from occasional surcharges since 2014. In addition, these surcharges are not, as far as I am aware, publicised to the stamp collecting community or, for that matter, to the general public. The postal service views these stamps as workhorses produced to meet a postal need not to be used up by collectors mounting them in stamp albums.

  Fortunately, a handful of dealers have contacts with these territories and are able to keep track of and often eventually obtain some of these items. The US dealer Steven Zirinsky has drawn attention to these new Zambian surcharges recently (along with some previously issued stamps) and had them for sale on his internet shop site but I had not noticed because they are surcharges on the same stamps as those to which previous surcharges were applied but these are new values. It was only by chance, when looking through my Zambia album, that I realised that these were new items which I had not seen featured anywhere before. 

- K5.00 on K4,950 on K2,700 Aardwolf.

This stamp has now been released and rereleased with various surcharges:-

Original issue, one of a set of four on the subject of dog-like mammals, issued 2007 (also included in a miniature sheet - 

1 December 2009 - K4950 on K2700 - 

the same with small ‘targets’ scattered across it - 

2013 - K4.95 on K4,950 on K2,700 - 

2013 - K1.50 on K2,700 - As with many of these surcharges from Zambia as well as from other countries such as Malawi there are various errors of surcharge including the previously illustrated target stamp and it is clear that inverted surcharges must be relatively common. The illustration below shows a pair of an inverted surcharge K1.50 on K2,700 used nonchalantly on an ordinary commercial cover dated 21 July 2017 at Ndola - 

K5.00 on K4950 - one of three 2010 Football World Cup stamps with Flag of South Africa - 

  Surcharges had been applied previously to the version of this stamp which depicted the flag of Namibia - 

2014 - K4.95 on K4,950 -

?2019 - K5.00 on K4.590 - 

K10.00 on K3,500 on K2,700 (one of a set of 2 issued singly and in a miniature sheet on 27 July 2005 originally) - Birth centenary of Dag Hammarskjold, former UN Secretary-General - 

  This stamp too has been released and rereleased with surcharges applied - 

27 July 2005 - Original issue - 

1 December 2009 - K3,500 on K2,700 - 

2013 - K1.50 on K2,700 - 

  See also Blogs 1352, 1631, 1642, 1643 and don’t forget this predictive posting which caught out one or two people the first time I published it - 

๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฒ Isle Of Man Post Office -

12 August 2022 - Isle of Man’s hosting of the International Olympiad in Linguistics at King William’s College, 24 - 30 July 2022 - 7 different stamps in sheetlets of 20 for £14. (the sheet contains 4 se-tenant strips each containing 5 different stamps, each strip being made up of various combinations of the stamps so that 6 of the designs appear three times in the sheet but one stamp occurs only twice meaning that each sheet contains only 2 complete sets). Designed from the artwork of competition-winning secondary school students. Self-adhesive. Rating:- *.

๐Ÿ‡ฒ๐Ÿ‡น MaltaPost -

12 August 2022 - Festa 2022 - 10 stamps. Designed by Design MaltaPostplc from photography by Mark Micallef Perconte and lithographed by Printex. Perforated 14. Illustration awaited.

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