Thursday 5 October 2023

2276. 🇬🇧 More Trash From Royal Mail


New issues.

🇬🇧 Royal Mail

19 October 2023 - Harry Potter - Countless expensive items - 10 stamps (cost £12.50), 1 miniature sheet containing 6 different stamps (cost £7.50), 1 Prestige booklet containing 5 panes including 1 pane containing 3 King Charles’s III definitives (2x 20p, 2 x 50p and 1 x £2.20), sold for £25.25) and a ‘limited edition’ version of the booklet sold for £49.99), 1 ‘Collectors sheet containing 10 different stamps with attached labels (sold for £13.70), 3 ‘Fan sheets’, 2 containing 3 stamps of the same design (Harry Potter & Voldemort) and the other containing 4 stamps of the same design (Dobby), each sheet sold for £7.50, the actual face value of each sheet being either £3.75 or £5), 24 carat gold-plated ‘ingot’ in the form of a stamp sold for £49.99 and a 24 carat gold-plated ‘miniature sheet’ sold for £149.99.

‘Designed’ by True North and lithographed by Cartor and perforated 14.5.

  This is both tragic and hilarious at the same time. Utter and total trash. Whatever are Buckingham Palace officials up to when they give the King’s approval to this tripe and allow his cameo to be printed on these products? Rating:- 0.

🇯🇪 Jersey Post -

6 October 2023 - 50th anniversary of the World Rally Championship and 40th anniversary of the Jersey Rally - 8 stamps and 2 miniature sheets, 1 containing a single stamp and the other all 8 stamps. Art by Keith Burns and lithographed by Cartor. Rating:- ****.



  1. I was expecting the worst when I saw "Harry Potter" in the Royal Mail schedule, but - uinbelievably - it has failed to rise even to the low level of that expectation.

    Yet another Matt Parks' "fanboi" issue and yet another nail in the coffin of Royal Mail's philatelic reputation: more nails than wood now.

    It is surely time for RM just to call it a day, abandon commemoratives/special stamps altogether and to settle on a small set of NVI definitives (with all standard prices a combination of some of those values), with Horizon labels for higher values.

    1. WF - I expect if RM is making any profit on this rubbish then we will continue to have a lot more of this stuff to come in the future.

  2. The Jersey issue is not cheap too. Rating:- 0 for the price!

  3. Henry (NEVER Harry) Potter6 October 2023 at 09:47

    Desperately cynical of Royal Mail to have an issue featuring sixteen 1st class stamps so soon after the the (now seemingly semi-annual) increase in the price of that particular tariff.

    I suppose I should just be grateful that the Christmas issue is to be slightly cheaper this year - no doubt due to the single/global airmail rate.