Tuesday 16 June 2015

588. Jersey Post Commemorates The Battle Of Britain; New Universal Mail Stamps.

  Jersey Post will issue a set of 6 stamps and 2 miniature sheets, one partially printed in intaglio, on 10 July 2015 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The excellent and original designs are by Martin Morck and Hat-Trick Design Consultancy and printed in lithography and intaglio (miniature sheet). The £3 miniature sheet depicts Sir Winston Churchill and the second sheet unites all six values of the set (face value £4.21p):-

  As originally mentioned in Blog 481 Hong Kong Post will issue 1 miniature sheet on 18 June 2015 on the subject of World Heritage in China depicting Honghe Hani rice terraces. The issue was designed by Tony Ho and lithographed and embossed by Enschede:-

  Sri Lanka Post issued a single stamp on 12 June 2015 to commemorate the World Day Against Child Labour:-

  Universal Mail United Kingdom has placed some more of its bespoke postcard airmail stamps on its website. As usual these items are only obtainable from the single site which is featured on the stamps which makes obtaining them very difficult and quite expensive. At one time the bespoke stamps could be obtained from Universal Mail but given the extreme difficulty in obtaining the items since Universal Mail gave up selling them directly to collectors I have given up adding any more to my collection.- this can easily be defended since their sale to the public is extremely limited because they are sold at only one place.
  Nevertheless, they are indeed very attractive. There is a strip of 5 different items with scenes from Brownsea Island (UK0127 - dated 11/14):-

  There is a strip of 5 identical stamps on the subject of the Jane Austen Centre in Bath with an illustration of a rather spooky-looking wax model of the authoress (UK0131 - dated 03/15):-

A third strip of 5 different stamps is on the subject of Christ Church in Oxford (UK0146 - dated 03/15):-

  Other new Bespoke issues are:-

   Rhossli, Swansea in Wales - 5 different stamps with Welsh flag - (UK0133 - dated 03/15) -

  Sissinghurst, Kent - 5 different stamps - (UK0134 - dated 03/15) - 

  Lanhydrock, Cornwall - 5 different stamps - (UK0147 - dated 03/15) -

  Hardwick Hall, Derbyshire - 5 different stamps - (UK0132 - dated 03/15) - 

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