Friday, 20 July 2018

1265. 🇧🇼 African New Issues Commemorate Former Presidents.

  🇧🇼 While the South African Post Office is busy commemorating the birth centenary of former President Nelson Mandela with several stamp issues, Botswana Post has also been philatelically celebrating the life of another notable Commonwealth statesman, the former President of Botswana, Sir Ketumile Quett Joni Masire on the occasion of the first anniversary of his death on 22 June 2017.
  Quett Masire, as he was then known, became President of Botswana in 1980 after the death of the country's founding father, Sir Seretse Khama. It is a tribute to these first two presidents that throughout its modern history Botswana has remained a stable and prospering democracy unlike many other states across Africa.
  The issue was designed by Baboloki Somolekae and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and perforated 13.5. The P7.00 value depicts Sir Ketumile Masire with the late Nelson Mandela. Rating:- ****.

  🇬🇬 Guernsey Stamps 'tweeted' on 18 July 2018 that its Post and Go kiosk GG03 situated in the Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port had dispensed on that day strips of the 'Flowers' Post and Go stamps with additional inscriptions applied to commemorate the visits of the cruise ships Black Watch and Columbus to the island on that date.

  🇮🇲 Isle Of Man Stamps And Coins will issue a set of 6 stamps on 1 August 2018 to mark the Centenary of the end of the First World War by depicting ANZAC war memorials which were designed by Rayner Hoff who had been born in The Isle Of Man in 1894 and studied at the Nottingham School of Art and then fought in France during the War. After the War he studied in Rome and in 1923 he became Director of sculpture and sketching at East Sydney Technical College in Australia and from 1931 to 1934 worked on sculptures and panels for the ANZAC War Memorial in Hyde Park in Sydney. It is this achievement which is commemorated by this stamp issue.
  The set was designed by Louise Cornwall and lithographed by Lowe Martin and perforated 13. A worthy issue with some relevance to the Isle Of Man. Rating:- ***.

  🇳🇪🇹🇬 Nothing to do with The Commonwealth except of course that the issues commemorate a great Commonwealth statesman - 2 more Nelson Mandela Centenary issues which form part of the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) omnibus issue, this time from Togo and Niger. Here, as well as single stamp miniature sheets, there are sheetlets of 6 identical stamps. Interestingly, although these stamps are from Francophone countries, the inscriptions on the stamps are entirely in English:-

  See also Blog 1264.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

1264. 🇿🇦 Mandela Birth Centenary.

  🇿🇦 On 18 July 2018, the actual date of the Centenary of his birth, the late Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa, was commemorated by a joint stamp issue released by the South African Post Office and the postal service of Germany. The South African issue takes the form of a miniature sheet containing a single stamp while the German issue is a completely different design and is a single stamp - this is rather unusual since joint issues of two countries often share the same format even if the designs are different. The South African sheet was designed by Rachel-Mari Ackermann. Rating:- ****.

  It has also been announced that the South African Post Office was to release a joint issue with the other member states of the Pan-African Postal Union (PAPU) (see Blog 1250). I have not yet seen the South African contribution to this omnibus but the issues of 4 countries - only 1 of which is a Commonwealth territory -  have now become known to collectors. Although I do not usually write about the stamps of non-Commonwealth countries it is fair to say that Mandela is an important figure in the history of The Commonwealth and this PAPU omnibus is potentially a very large and momentous series and so I illustrate below the first available items from the omnibus issue which are from, The Gambia, Algeria, Liberia and Tunisia:-

1262. 🇸🇬 Trump In Singapore.

  🇸🇬 Singapore Post will issue a miniature sheet containing a single $10 stamp on 20 July 2018 to commemorate the recent meeting in Singapore of the President of The United States and the leader of North Korea. The issue was designed by Wong Wui Kong and lithographed by Secura and perforated 13. Clearly this is an interesting item of potentially important historical interest depending on whether anything substantial eventually emerges out of the meeting. Rating:- *****.

  🇯🇪 Jersey Post will issue a £17 'Commemorative sheet' on 1 August 2018 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the 'Jersey Holidays for Heroes'. A worthwhile subject but why does it have to be noted on an expensive, indeed overpriced, item such as this? Rating:- 0.

  🇲🇾 Pos Malaysia issued a set of 3 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 16 July 2018 to commemorate the Opening of the Telegraph Museum in Taiping in Perak. This is an interesting set, Rating:- ****.

  🇬🇬 Guernsey Stamps 'tweeted' on 15 July 2018 that its Post and Go kiosk GG03 situated in the Guernsey Information Centre in St Peter Port had dispensed on that day the 'Flowers' strip of 6 stamps with an additional inscription applied to commemorate the visit to port of the cruise ships Britannia and Crystal Serenity.

1263. Commonwealth National Birds.

   I do not usually take much interest in the annual omnibus of the numerous European territories released under the popular term Europa. Many of the issues are very dull though some of the Bridge-themed stamps issued this year have been vaguely interesting. However the theme for next year sounds very promising - 'National birds' - and collectors should end up with a large collection of interesting and attractive stamps depicting a popular theme.
  So, I thought why not put together a Commonwealth 'National bird'-themed collection ahead of the European omnibus? Not all countries and territories have official national birds and that is why a number of Commonwealth countries do not appear on the list below. All countries apart, I think, from Kenya have depicted their national bird on at least one of their postage stamps.

Anguilla - Zenaida dove.

Antigua And Barbuda - Magnificent frigatebird.

Australia - Emu.

Bahamas - American flamingo.

Bangladesh - Oriental magpie robin.

Belize - Keel-billed toucan.

Bermuda - Bermuda petrel.

Botswana - Kori bustard.

British Virgin Islands - Mourning dove.

Canada - Grey Jay.

Cayman Islands - Grand Cayman parrot.

Dominica - Imperial amazon parrot.

Gibraltar - Barbary partridge.

Grenada - Grenada dove.

Guyana - Hoatzin.

India - Indian peacock.

Jamaica - Doctor bird

Kenya - Lilac breasted roller.

Malta - Blue rock thrush.

Montserrat - Montserrat oriole.

Namibia - African fish eagle.

New Zealand - Kiwi

Nigeria - Black crowned crane.

Pakistan - Chukar partridge.

Papua New Guinea - Raggiana bird of paradise.

St Helena - St Helena plover.

St Kitts And Nevis - Brown pelican.

St Vincent And The Grenadines - St Vincent parrot.

Scotland - Golden eagle (unofficial).

Singapore - Crimson Sunbird

South Africa - Blue Crane.

Sri Lanka - Sri Lanka Junglefowl.

Swaziland - Purple-crested turaco

Trinidad And Tobago - Scarlet Ibis and Cocrico

Uganda - East African Crowned Crane

United Kingdom - European Robin

Wales - Red kite (unofficial)

Zambia - African Fish Eagle

Zimbabwe - African Fish Eagle