Saturday 26 October 2013

318. Zambian Surcharges.

  I have now obtained 11 different surcharged stamps in the new devalued currency from Zambia issued during 2013 although I do not know the date or dates of issue of these items. I have illustrated some of them in previous blogs but have added new stamps that I have obtained to those already illustrated so that all available items known to me are illustrated below:-

  Clearly these items represent what I view as "real philately" - they are stamps which were produced for use on local mails rather than agency-produced "collectables" as exemplified by the 60 stamps (issued in sheetlets of 4 different stamps) and 15 miniature sheets which were produced by an agency for Mozambique which may be postally valid but seem to have a poor prospect of actually being used on ordinary mail sent by the Mozambique general public. The themes featuring in the latest miscellany said to have been issued on 25 June 2013 are:- Winter Olympic Games, Sochi 2014; Scouting; Chess; Turtles, International Committee of The Red Cross; Volcanoes and minerals; 160th anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh, painter; Prince William, Duke Of Cambridge:`

  Frogs and snails; Giant pandas; Ivan Aviazorsky; 530th anniversary of the painter, Raphael; Dinosaurs and the Cuisine of Mozambique:-

  These latest items from Mozambique mean that during 2013, up to 25 June, the country had had 358 stamps and 76 miniature sheets produced by its philatelic agents on its behalf making a grand total of 434 philatelic items.
From the ridiculous to the sublime - news of a couple more sets from The Pobjoy Stamps Agency on behalf of Bahamas and The Falkland Islands:-
  Bahamas will issue 6 stamps for use on Christmas post on 19 November 2013. The stamps were designed by Robin Carter and lithograhed by Lowe Martin:-

  Meanwhile, The Falkland Islands will issue 6 stamps in the airmail postcard rate which feature penguins, always a popular theme. A miniature sheet which combines all 6 designs will also be issued. The beautiful stamps were designed by the excellent Robin Carter and lithographed by BDT. The date of issue will be 21 November 2013:-

  It is agencies like Pobjoy Stamps (there are so few of them), the design producers (Creative Direction [Worldwide] Ltd) and their client countries which continue to make new issue collecting so rewarding and illustrate that there are still people out there who are interested in producing a quality product for a reasonable price to the stamp collector and regularly enough to keep the stamp collector interested without wearing him out with excessive issues.                     
  Not for the first time, I say "Three cheers for Pobjoy Stamps".

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