Monday 14 August 2023

2355. 🇸🇭 St Helena Depicts Local Extinct Birds.


New issues.

🇸🇭 St Helena postal service -

1 August 2023 - Christmas, Extinct birds - 4 stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing a single stamp. Designed by Julian Hume. Lithographed. Rating:- *****.

🇮🇳 India Post -

26 July 2023 - Summit meeting of G20 Leaders, New Delhi - 2 stamps and 1 miniature sheet containing both stamps.This issue was featured in Blog 2346 but I was then unaware of the issue of the miniature sheet which is now depicted below:- 

🇬🇬 Guernsey Post -

Tweets reporting Post and Go issues with one day only additional inscriptions to commemorate visiting cruise ships -

13 August 2023 - Visit of the Regal Princess.

  I have not yet included an illustration of any of these Post and Go ‘Welcome’ strips in this Blog and so depicted below is an exampl3 of one of them - that inscribed “Welcome to:/ Virtuosa” which was dispensed on 25 April 2023 with a total face value of £6.32p

Strange but true.

  Although Private Frazer’s most famous catchphrase was, “We’re all doooomed”, something Royal Mail missed when it issued a set of 8 stamps on 26 June 2018 to commemorate the BBC television programme Dad’s Army in which he was a key character was a link to stamp collecting. The BBC2 channel recently showed a repeat of the first ever episode of Dad’s Army in which the various characters gather to sign up to join the Home Guard which the local bank manager, the pompous Mainwaring, who has taken it upon himself to take command of the unit, as well as awarding himself the rank of captain, is taking the names of the recruits. 

  When it comes to Frazer’s turn to sign on, having ascertained his name, Mainwaring asks Frazer what is his occupation to which Frazer’s replies, “I run a philatelists’ shop”. Mainwaring asks, “How do you spell that?” And Frazer’s response is, “S-H-O-P”.

  I wonder which British Empire new issue stamps Frazer would have been selling on 14 May 1940 when what was known firstly as the Local Defence Volunteers became active (the Battle of France had begun on 10 May with the Nazi invasion of Belgium, the Netherlands and France and Nazi troops reached the English Channel on 20 May). I must go to my Part 1 Catalogue and report back.


  1. Good to see another new issue of St Helena stamps, but will these be recognised by the bigger catalogues (unlike the last two issues)?

    1. As I have responded to a similar question on a previous Blog post, I see no reason why this and other recent new issues would not be recognised by Stamp Catalogues.I think it’s a matter of waiting for them to get around to adding them.

  2. Can't find the St Helena stamps on sale ANYwhere!

    1. These issues are distributed by Harry Allen. It does not seem to me be a particularly efficient organisation in publicising and distributing new issues. I think it’s a matter of waiting for the company to get the work done. I have not yet seen the Extinct birds offered for sale but that doesn’t surprise me. Otherwise I have all the other issues. Bombay Stamps are, I think, offering the Queen Elizabeth set on its latest list.

    2. Not listed as yet. But try Ascension Island Philatelic Bureau site. Should be there soon.