Friday 17 March 2023

2271.🇹🇷 Northern Cyprus New Issue Features Local Works Of Art.


New issues.

🇹🇷 Postal service of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus -

16 March 2023 - Works of local artists - 2 stamps. Designed by MÖ Yogli and H Billur and printed by Devlet Basimevi. Rating:- ****.

🇵🇰 Pakistan Post -

15 March 2023 - 60th anniversary of theSenate of Pakistan - 1 stamp and 1 miniature sheet containing three stamps (2 x Rs20 and 1 x Rs50). Printed in lithography by National Security Printing Company. Rating:- ***.

News from Republic of Ireland.

Brian Warren has very kindly sent me the following message full of helpful and interesting information about philatelic events in The Republic of Ireland. Unfortunately it was not delivered to my correct box so I am publishing it a little longer after Brian sent it than I should have liked it to be but the news remains relevant and of great interest:-

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  1. Some of the Irish news is not surprising. Self-adhesives may cost more to produce, but are more convenient for postal users. The sheets of 8 or 9 is probably to make them more convenient for post offices to store (though why not use a sheet of 10?). I wonder though if the sheets of 8 or 9 will have rouletting to allow the stamps to be sold individually, and how the catalogues will treat the small sheets of 2 or 4.