Monday 8 August 2016

803. Gates And Gardens Of Gibraltar.

  On 25 July 2016 Gibraltar Post issued 2 delightful sets on local subjects and unaccompanied by miniature sheets or other expensive add-ons - the first commemorates the Bicentenary of the Alameda Gardens and was designed by Stephen Perera from excellent art by Jonathan Pointer. The issue was lithographed by Lowe-Martin.
  The second issue is on the subject of Historic gates of Gibraltar and was designed by Stephen Perera from art by Leslie Gaduzo and lithographed by Lowe-Martin.
  These are 2 excellent and attractive sets - what a pleasure it is to have these lovely, old-fashioned, locally relevant stamps - if only Gibraltar Post could produce such items all the time instead of giving us increasingly numerous irrelevant and tedious stuff such as the Chinese New Year issues. Rating:- *****.

  In Blog 801, I mentioned the set of 6 stamps and accompanying miniature sheet that was issued by India Post on 8 August 2016 on the subject of Orchids and this issue is now illustrated below. Rating:- ****.

  In Blog 797 I mentioned the set of 5 stamps issued by the Brunei Darussalam postal service as a se-tenant vertical strip with an accompanying miniature sheet containing all 5 stamps to commemorate the 70th birthday of the Sultan of Brunei and these are now depicted below. There was also a second miniature sheet with a face value of  $70.

  Australia Post has not yet released any of its Olympic Gold Medallist sheetlets (see Blog 802) and a fourth one will now be required following the victory of the Australian team in the Women's Rugby Sevens competition - at $10 per sheet the costs are beginning to add up for collectors.
   The Australians defeated New Zealand in the final of the event which means that New Zealand Post will issue a second miniature sheet of 6 stamps to commemorate its teams success.
  New Zealand Post has announced 2 further issues. I find the first to be very annoying - another one of those tiresome multi-stamp sheetlets which New Zealand Post feels it necessary to release annually, this time on the subject, "It's a Kiwi thing...".  This sheetlet contains 14 different stamps and is accompanied by a "free carton of crayons and colouring book" no doubt to attract children though when you think about it, if a parent wants to buy a pack of pencils and colouring book for their child they're not going to want to spend $14 on the articles. Also, I presume that the cost of postage when buying a  sheetlet of stamps from the New Zealand Bureau will be greatly increased by the weight of the pencils and book. Just send me the stamps! Rating:-*
  The issue was designed by Chris Davidson, Graeme Mowday and Jack Faulkner and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and perforated 14.5. The date of issue will be 7 September 2016.

  Children remain the subject of the second issue of stamps which has been announced by New Zealand Post which will also be released on 7 September 2016. The subject is "Children's Health Being Active". All 3 stamps are gummed and were designed by Stephen and Di Fuller and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and perforated 14.5. A miniature sheet accompanies the issue. Rating:- **.


  1. Pictures of Australia's first medal winner stamps are available on Australia Post's official Instagram:
    (I hope the link works)

    1. Hello, Dustin15, thank you very much. In fact I have spotted them now on The Australia Post Stamps and Collectables site as well and they are featured in the next Blog, just published, along with interesting new issues from Botswana and Malawi.
      Best wishes.