Thursday 28 July 2016

795. Jersey And China Linked By Ducks.

  It would be lovely not to feel as though I constantly need to moan about the philatelic products that seem to issue forth constantly from Jersey Post especially when so many Jersey stamps are designed so beautifully but there is just so much of the stuff that collectors can not help but feel swamped by it. 
  It doesn't say a lot for Jersey-Chinese relations that the only subject that can be found to emphasise links between the 2 territories is .... ducks. But there we are, Jersey Post will issue a set of 6 stamps and 1 miniature sheet on 22 September 2016 to celebrate links between Jersey and The Chinese People's Republic and depict various species of ducks on them. 
  The duck portraits are wonderful and any collector of birds on stamps will be delighted with the designs and if this set was one of, say, a total of six issued during the year it would be highly desirable but it is actually one of 14 special issues planned for 2016 (not including numerous Post And Go "Collectors strips" and extremely expensive "Commemorative sheets" and Prestige booklets and so on and so on) and adds another, admittedly reasonably modest, £3.44p (plus tax) to the total bill for 2016. Such a lovely issue lost in the deluge of gummed paper pouring out of Jersey. 
  The artists responsible for the designs are Martin Morch and Wang Huming. The issue was lithographed by Cartor. Rating:- **.

  But there's more (of course) - another release of "Post and Go" products. Jersey Philatelic Bureau will sell strips of 6 new Post and Go labels which feature the subject of "Beetles" on 14 September 2016. The accompanying publicity states that the stamps feature "a selection of beetles that can be seen during the summer months" - so why has Jersey Post waited until autumn to issue them? 
  The labels were printed digitally by Walsall Security Printers with the indicia and location thermally printed by an IAR kiosk. The labels were designed by Lizzie Harper. A strip of six is to be sold for £4.38p (plus tax). Rating:- ***.

  The South African Post Office plans to squeeze a lot of issues into the last few months of the year. Clearly the organisation has now found some spare cash to enable it to produce such stuff. Due soon are:- 

26 August 2016 - South Afirican geology (35th International Geological Conference, Capetown). The artwork for the stamps is by Rachel Mari-Ackermann and Peter Bosch. Rating:- ***.

31 August 2016 - Kingfishers - 5 "Standard Postage" stamps issued in 2 se-tenant strips of 5 different stamps in a sheetlet of 10 stamps. Designed by Andre Olwage. Rating:-*****.

14 September 2016 - "Telling stories with Light"
26 September 2016 - Cities COP 17
7 October 2016 - Puppetry in South Africa
21 October 2016 - South African biospheres
31 October 2016 - 40th IHF World Hospitals Congress
 9 November 2016 - National parks part 2
24 November 2016 "Smile South Africa"
2 December 2016- South African flight routes

  Namibia Post will issue a miniature sheet containing 3 different stamps on 11 August 2016 on the subject of Forestry in Namibia. As usual, it is an excellent issue designed by the wonderful artist, Helge Denker,

  This week's stuff from Stamperia takes the form of 10 "sheetlets", each containing 4 different "stamps", and 10 accompanying "miniature sheets" with the name of Sierra Leone printed on them and on the subject of National Parks of Africa including, remarkably, some which feature parks in Sierra Leone itself. The parks depicted are Ruaha in Tanzania, Mana Pools in Zimbabwe, Serengeti in Tanzania, Western Area Peninsula Park in Sierra Leone, Gola Rain Forest Park in Sierra Leone, Kafue in Zambia, Central Kalahari Game Reserve in Botswana, Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania, Mudumu in Namibia and Outamba-Kilimbi in Sierra Leone. The "first day of issue" is stated to have been 27 May 2016.
  The sheetlets and miniature sheets are produced in the shape of the continent of Africa.
  Rating, as usual:- 0.

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