Saturday 18 June 2016

779. Yoga Stamps From India.

  Singapore Post will issue 5 stamps on 1 July 2016 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Singapore Youth Festival. The issue was designed by Alynn Teo and lithographed by Southern Colour Print and lithographed 14. Rating:- ****.

  India Post issued 12 stamps and a miniature sheet on 21 June 2016 on the subject of International Yoga Day. The stamps depict "sun salutation" - Surya Namadkar - each one featuring a different pose which make up the full Surya Namadkar. Rating:- **.

  The 15th "My Stamp" issue will be a sheetlet of 12 stamps with a total face value of Rs60 but sold, as usual, for Rs 300,which will be issued on 3 June 2016 to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of Amazon's working relationship with India Post. Rating:- 0. 

  The India Post 16th "My Stamp" issue consists of 3 sheets of 12 stamps with attached labels, total face value Rs60 but sold for Rs300. Each sheet is on the subject of a different part of the Armed Forces - the Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Army. Rating:- **.

  Indian collectors are currently very vexed about the release of a sheetlet of 12 stamps and a miniature sheet containing the 12 stamps on the subject of "Legendary singers of India" on 21 May 2016 which went on sale in the morning and was withdrawn in the evening so that only a limited number of the items had been sold and prices rose very quickly on the philatelic market. India Post failed to give any reason for the hasty withdrawal. Rating:- *****.

  As mentioned in Blog 775, the Royal Mail kiosk A009 was dispensing "Post And Go" labels on 18 June 2016 only at an event which commemorated the alleged 500th anniversary of the British postal service at Guildhall Yard In London. The kiosk dispensed the "Machin Head" design with the additional inscription "500 Years of Royal Mail" and these were the same as those dispensed at Spring Stampex 2016 philatelic exhibition and therefore no new labels resulted. 

  Has anyone ever seen the set depicted below? A set of 4 stamps was issued on 2 September 2003 by St. Vincent And The Grenadines on the subject of Japanese aid to the St. Vincent's fishing industry. I have never seen this set being offered for sale anywhere and where Internet dealers do include it in their lists they invariably do not have it in stock. This must be one of the great rare modern sets of The Commonwealth. I wonder, given the theme, if it was mainly marketed in Japan. Does anyone know?


  1. Just a small correction, the St Vincent set was actually issued in 1993 (SG 2422/25). I've just popped in to the Stanley Gibbons shop in London, they have 8 sets in stock, price £4 per set.

  2. Dear Robert, That's amazing to me! I shall contact them to get my set which has a been an empty space in my collection for, and you are of course quite correct about the year of issue, over 20 years. Thank you very much indeed. It looks as though my thoughts about it being rare are completely exploded by your discovery of what is lurking in Gibbons. I'm glad I asked the question. Very best wishes.

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    2. Thank you for your reply and that's a bummer that there is now way to exchange messages except for all to see. Most things are fine to share in a comment section but from time to time some things should be discussed first. When I have some spare time I will look in to creating a "spare" email address I could post here for you to message me and then we could perhaps exchange contact info that way.

      Thanks again for the reply and enjoy the day!