Thursday 26 May 2016

766. Veteran Popular Music Performers To Be Featured On Royal Mail Stamps.

  Royal Mail will release a number of philatelic products which commemorate the veteran popular music group, Pink Floyd, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of when "Pink Floyd turned professional and became the "house band" of the London Underground of music and arts".
  There are 6 stamps in the set and all depict record album covers of the group's music. There is also a miniature sheet which contains 4 different stamps which show scenes from some of the group's live performances. Finally there is a £12.95 "Maxisheet" issued in another one of those "limited editions" (see Blog 752) of 10,000 which depicts the album cover of "Dark Side of The Moon" and which contains 10 of the 1st Class domestic rate stamps of the same design (the face value of the 10 stamps is only £6.40p - therefore the item is being sold at 200% of face value).
  Collectors will draw their own conclusions about these various items and how worthy of such an extravagant philatelic commemoration these musical performers really are. Personally, I think there are many more worthy subjects which should have the honour of being featured on stamps which work as national ambassadors. But doubtless Royal Mail can see a financial profit in producing this stuff.
  Rating:- **.

  Meanwhile, I move on to the subject of this week's philatelic products from Stamperija (can you tell the difference?) and on this occasion Solomon Islands is blessed to have its name printed on the stuff. The issue is made up of 12 sheetlets, each containing 4 different stamps, and 12 accompanying miniature sheets. 
  The products feature various subjects which may be broadly termed "natural history":- "Endangered animals" (such well-known Solomon Islands species as a wolf, rhinos and orang utans!), Kangaroos, Koalas, Minerals, Dogs (the single value miniature sheet is labelled as showing a labrador but actually depicts a Golden Retriever), Jellyfish, Emus, Cats, Birds of prey, Dingos, Corals and Butterflies. The stated "date of issue" was 13 May 2016. Rating:- 0.

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