Monday 18 January 2016

698. Jersey Post And Go And Australia Changed Postage Rate Consequences.

  The 6 "Post and Go" labels/stamps to be released by Jersey Post on 17 February 2016 depict the Jersey "Crest" in different colours (see Blog 694). The design has now been revealed. While I shall not buy the items dispensed at the Spring Stampex exhibition to be held in London (because of limited availability) I shall add a "back office" "Collectors strip" obtainable from the philatelic bureau in Jersey to my collection (freely available to the stamp collecting general public) and try to obtain the set with the added "Broad Street" inscription as dispensed from kiosk JE02 in the Broad Street post office in St. Helier. Rating:- ***.

  It appears that the price hike in postage rates in Australia on 4 January 2016 resulted in a shortage of 30c stamps (the make-up value from the former 70c postage rate to the new $1 rate) in Adelaide and the local post office therefore produced some unique counter-printed stamps to make up the shortfall.
  Distribution of the new counterprinted stamps began on 5 January 2016 to post offices which needed to reorder 30c stamps and continued until 9 January after which no more were distributed. There is an interesting and illuminating ongoing discussion about this at present on Stampboards ( The philatelic consequences of this alteration of postage rates are proving fascinating and well worth trying to keep up-to-date with. (See also Blog 693). Rating:- *****.

  A snip at only £95 .... a gold miniature sheet sold by Guernsey Post to commemorate the lunar new year, the Year of the Monkey. Sold in an acrylic display stand and limited to just 500. Wow! Who can resist?


  Sri Lanka Post issued a single stamp on 11January 2016 to commemorate Malasuri Wilson Hegoda, a pioneer of photography in Sri Lanka. The stamp was designed by Kumudu Thataka Peiris. Rating:- ***.


  Sri Lanka Post also issued a single stamp on 16 January 2016 to commemorate the Centenary of the Sri Lanka School of Agriculture. The stamp was designed by Palitha Gunasighe. Rating:- **.


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