Friday 30 March 2012

Barbados' Diamond Jubilee Stamps

The diamond jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II has been philatelically commemorated by the Barbados Post Office with an excellent set of four stamps and one miniature sheet which are much more successful than the stamps issued by some other Commonwealth countries since two or three of them depict scenes of the Queen in her realm of Barbados including visits to the Barbadian parliament in Bridgetown although perhaps one of the designs might have depicted her meeting the ordinary Barbadian people rather than politicians and members of the armed forces.
The remaining value not depicted here has a face value of $1.40 and depicts a photograph of the young Queen Elizabeth seated inside a carriage. This is an excellent issue with designs that link the Queen with the country that is issuing the stamps. If only more Commonwealth territories could come up with something as nicely designed and produced as this set as well being of such a reasonable face value so that the set is a true tribute to the Queen rather than a rip off of stamp collectors.

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